Turn Up the Volume: #14

The Slow Motion EP

You hear the sound of a very simple classical piece of music coming through an old-style record player, and then Kendall Schmidt’s echoing voice repeating one line over and over: “SLOW MOTION.” This is how Heffron Drive chose to start the title track to their brand-new EP, which came out Friday, February 10, 2017.

The tracks themselves are edgier musically than some of their previous releases, but they still keep the same message of love, hope and positive thoughts in the lyrics.

Kendall said in an interview with Life 78 in Russia, “I think this new EP is like the closest we’ve gotten to our original sound. [With the first album] we were kinda discovering what we wanted the music to be like […] so I don’t think the cohesiveness was there. But with this new EP […] we’ve had those singles […] to build and find what we wanted to do. This new EP is as cohesive as it gets, I think, for the band.”

The tracks definitely have sharper layers to them this time around with AJ Novak on live drums. You can tell that all the aspects of the music production have been taken into consideration. The guys are growing and learning what it takes to not only be better musicians, but producers and technicians as well.

Dustin’s impressive talent on the guitar with his solos are definitely going to be something to get excited about seeing live, and asking Bryce Soderberg of Lifehouse (who they worked with at Christmas for “Soft Rocking Your Stockings Off”) to do the memorable bass line for “Fingers Crossed” is a perfect collaboration.

This EP marks the first time the duo has released anything under the genre of Alternative on iTunes, and it proved to be a successful move, breaking in at number 10 on the charts.

If this is a taste of what we can expect for the new album coming later this year, it’s certainly going to be a good year for Heffron Drive and will encourage a lot of new of fans.

The Slow Motion EP is currently available for purchase at all major digital retailers, and it will be released on vinyl and cassette in the near future.

Sofia Reyes

Sofia Reyes is a Mexican singer-songwriter who is known for her upbeat music that mixes Spanish and English lyrics. She was discovered on YouTube and her first single was released in 2013. In 2015, she released a song called “Conmigo (Rest of Your Life)” with a music video featuring Kendall Schmidt as her love interest.

Combining their success, Kendall and Sofia performed a special duet of “Conmigo” at the Mexican Kid Choice Awards. They later shared some tour dates in Mexico where they performed this rendition as well. Sofia also joined Kendall to perform “Night Like This” filling in for Hilary Duff.

Sofia’s first full length album “Louder” was released on February 3rd, 2017. Kendall, along with bandmate Dustin Belt, attended the album release party in Los Angles to help their friend celebrate!

European Tour


It is easy to see that Heffron Drive doesn’t sit around without doing anything for long. Less than a month after touring in Mexico, Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt with A.J. Novak and Chris Vieyra kicked off their European tour.

On February 8th Heffron Drive landed in Moscow, Russia. Having very limited time to spend on seeing the sights of the city, they immediately went to the Red Square.

“It was too cold to smile. But hey Russia, we made it!” Dustin commented this photo in his Instagram. However, they left for their hotel right after that as it was late evening in Moscow and Heffron Drive had to perform next night.

On February 9th Heffron Drive performed in Yotaspace Club with their first ever show in Russia.

On that day, among older music, two new songs were played for the first time – Slow Motion and Fingers Crossed. You think it couldn’t get any better? It actually did, when during the show Kendall and Dustin promised to come back to Russia later! It was an unforgettable night for the fans who attended the show.

The next day Heffron Drive had a few hours before their show in St. Petersburg and Life78 used their chance to interview Kendall and Dustin. You can watch their interview here.

After one more epic show that night, Heffron Drive had some time off. February 11th, they spent in St. Petersburg sightseeing and taking photos and videos with their drone.

Catch up on all the details of their adventures in Russia with The DBelt Blog #15.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands was the second country visited by Heffron Drive during their European Tour. Paris maybe known as the “City of Love,” but Kendall and Dustin brought the love to Amsterdam during their concert on Valentine’s Day. After a day a sightseeing and a visit to the Amsterdam Cheese Museum, Heffron Drive rocked out at the Melkweg!

Check out their special cover of “Your Body Is A Wonderland


Bienvenue en France, Heffron Drive!

Touring Europe by train, Heffron Drive made two stops in France in February; Paris on the 17th and Lyon on the 19th.

They definitely enjoyed their time there. During Koffee Time with Kendall on March 1st, Kendall described the venue Le Trianon as a “Mini big theatre. Really fun to be in and the show was amazing. Everyone was awesome.” Check out this episode of The DBelt Blog called “Heffron Drive Behind the Music” film in that theater.

But that wasn’t the only “big” reference to be mentioned! They even performed a few Big Time Rush throwback acoustic tracks during sound check, like “Not Alone” which had previously never been performed live. Truly a special moment for French fans!


The band’s trip to Switzerland was short, but sweet. They put on an amazing show at Kulturfabrik Kofmhel in Solothurn.


The final stop of the European tour was in Italy!

Though Heffron Drive had been to Italy many times over the past couple of years, the fans were just as excited as the first time. Kendall and Dustin love their Italian fans and were more than happy to return to this beautiful country.

To conclude the tour, Kendall had this to say on Instagram. “Such an amazing trip, but so happy to be home. Thank you to everyone who came to rock out with us! Love you all!”

Thanks to: KT, Natasja, Melly, Rachael, Safi, Tammy, Tatiana, and Olga

Turn Up the Volume: #13

Living Room

Friday the 13th might be unlucky for some, but for Heffron Drive fans it was our lucky day when the long-awaited single “Living Room” dropped. Changing their sound once again, this tune has a bit of a country feel with guitar riffs guaranteed to get you off your chair! The lyrics tell a love story we can all relate to. It shares a page of a relationship dwelling on good and bad times, hoping to find a happy medium with that special person.

Schmidt told Digital Journal, “We had the actual studio set up, and I was tired of being in the studio, and I went in my living room, where I had the idea about making a song about a living room, and I tied it in about being in a relationship. As I had progress with it, Dustin came over and we just locked it in and the theme of the song really came to fruition. The song in its original form was made in the living room”

“[We] started talking about all the aspects of relationships that happen in the living room……From watching TV, eating dinner, arguments, conversations, drinking, dancing, everything. We wanted to write a song that encapsulated all of those ideas and painted a visual for a listener. I think we were able to write exactly what we had imagined,” Dustin told Just Jared Jr.

“We hope that the fans really love the new single ‘Living Room’ as much as we love it. We want to thank them for supporting us and for continuing to support us. We have a lot of material coming out, so we hope they are excited as we are,” Belt and Schmidt concluded.

And we are! There’s been a great response from fans all over the world. “Living Room” was added to setlists on the tour in Mexico and Europe.

“Living Room” is currently available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play as well as streaming on Tolbooth Records.

Behind-the-scenes of Living Room

The music video for Heffron Drive’s new single “Living Room” was released at 11:00 am on February 13th. The video features a couple moving into a house and experiencing everything from romantic moments to fighting.

Kendall came up with the simple idea of the ups and downs of a relationship and asked family friend Wesley Quinn to direct the video. Wes has directed other music videos for artists, and was the Assistant Director on “Rain Don’t Come.”

We spoke to Wes and asked him about shooting the video. “We shot at a house in Hollywood for 2 days all day every day. Really just to make sure it ‘looked’ like time was passing. We were even lucky and it rained on us. Which obviously is rare for California but it added a nice little touch… I think the energy of the video matches the song perfectly.” Wes also edited the video

The personal home movie style footage was shot with a super-8 camera that was special gift from Dustin to Kendall. Remember when we all wondered what was in that big gift bag on Kendall’s birthday? The camera itself even makes an appearance.

“So blessed and so grateful to be able to work with some of my closest friends. This project we did really turned into something very special and I’m very proud of it.” Wes said on instagram.

Fans are proud of it too. Twelve hours after its release, the video had over 3200 views on youtube, and as of this writing has surpassed 122K.

Heffron Drive in Mexico!

This January Heffron Drive spent a weekend touring Mexico. Contradicting a popular superstition, this time Friday the 13th turned out to be a happy one for the Mexican fans. Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt alongside with Chris Vieyra and AJ Novak came on the stage of Teatro Metropólitan in Mexico City.

Take a look at these men performing for their fans!

The next day Heffron Drive performed in Cafe Iguana in Monterrey. The band finished their Mexican tour with a concert in Guadalajara on January 15.

After that, Kendall and Dustin didn’t go home just yet as they had one more event to attend. Two more days Heffron Drive spent on Azul Beach in Cancún meeting fans and… SpongeBob SquarePants with Dora!

The band also performed for fans on the beach. Just imagine how good sounds of ocean, Dustin’s guitar and Kendall’s “Had To Be Mexico” must have complemented each other! Check out this video of their performance.

Half Time Rush Reunion

The crime and dance drama film 48 Hours to Live premiered on January 10th, 2017 staring Big Time Rush’s James Maslow. Former co-stars Stephen Kramer Glickman and Kendall Schmidt attended to show their friend James some love.

Supporting each other is nothing new for these cast mates. Kendall appeared at the premiere of Glickman’s movie Storks and was recently a guest on his pod cast The Night Time Show.

This gave Kendall the opportunity to advertise upcoming Heffron Drive projects with the press…. like new music that he and Dustin have been hinting about not so subtly on social media.

New Music!

The past few months Kendall and Dustin have been teasing fans mercilessly with pics, Snaps, and Instagram stories from inside the TOLBooth Records studio. There were countless promises of more content and new music, and it looks like Heffron Drive are ready to deliver the goods! Shortly after releasing their latest single, their forthcoming EP was announced.

“The Slow Motion EP” will feature four songs, including three brand new tracks.

  1. Slow Motion
  2. Living Room
  3. Fingers Crossed
  4. Heights (It Reminds Me)

The EP will be released on February 10th, 2017. Record collectors, get ready! “The Slow Motion EP” will be available in vinyl as well as digitally.

With a new EP and European tour just days away, Heffron Drive doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Kendall and Dustin have promised there is much more music to come and a full length album is slated for later this year.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have coffee with Kendall and just chat?  Well, now you have that chance!  This past week he has been hosting #KoffeeTimeWithKendall on Instagram Live and Facebook Live.

The great part about the Facebook Live is that if, like me, you are at work (or school, or sleeping, depending on where you live) you can go back and watch the recording later to see what you missed.

What have you missed?

  • Watching his coffee-making process: did you know cinnamon can help it taste less bitter?
  • Seeing him cook breakfast
  • Describing what goes into the process of writing a song, using the metaphor of baking a loaf of bread.
  • Tips and advice on products he thinks are healthy
  • Story telling
  • A surprise appearance by Yuma pig
  • His opinion on Logan Henderson’s new music

He also tries to answer any questions you might have, so come prepared with something you would like to ask!  Dustin was his first special guest and he plans to have more in the future. He mentioned possibly getting Dustin to be his Musical Director since he has a shitty record player. (His words, not mine!)

Check it out if you have a chance!  If you can’t make it live, you can always go back and watch the videos later on Kendall’s facebook.  It’s really nice of Kendall to take the time share a little bit more of his life with all of us.

Promote Heffron Drive!

With all the new music coming out this year, we wanted to share some promotional tips with you guys. These tips come from chatting with industry insiders, those familiar with street-teaming, and our own personal experience.

First and foremost, please be respectful of the band’s hard work. Do not upload the songs to YouTube or other music-sharing websites. This includes unofficial lyric videos. (You should obtain permission to do so from TOLBooth.) It is important that you purchase or legally stream their music only. Most radio play is based on record sales and streaming numbers. We want to do all we can to get Heffron Drive on the radio!

How else do songs get on the radio? By requests! Be sure you are requesting to hear Heffron Drive on your local stations as well as satellite stations. Do your research so that you know the audience/market. Requesting Heffron Drive on a Hard Rock station would be a waste of your time. Look for stations that play pop or indie music. Depending on the song, rock or alternative might be appropriate.

There are many ways to request: Twitter, Facebook, phone calls, etc. Find out which method your stations prefer and try your best to request at least once a week! Request every day if you want, but be respectful! Do not spam or harass radio stations that haven’t played the song yet or who have said no.

Nothing beats word of mouth promotion! Talk and post about Heffron Drive whenever you can. Wear your merch out to an event and strike up a conversation with someone. Post on your Twitter how much you loved a song. The possibilities are endless.

When doing physical promotion, keep in mind that some places have a “no solicitation” policy. It is best to ask permission before doing any promotion on private property, especially if you want to hang up posters or pass out flyers. Utilize public bulletin boards. You can usually find them in public libraries, coffee shops, laundromats, college campuses, and even some restaurants. Promoting is more fun with friends, so bring a buddy with you! There is safety in numbers, and you can also cover more ground that way.

When posting on social media, it is important to use hashtags! Not only the band’s hashtags, but other tags that people looking for new music might search. Try adding #music, #newmusic, #tour, #band, or #concert. Also, don’t forget the number one rule for social media: DO NOT SPAM. Spam can easily get you blocked by radio stations and other social media users. You don’t want your actions to reflect negatively on the band.

One way to promote that is often overlooked is reviews. After you purchase a song or album, go leave a review. It only takes a few minutes, and your opinion can help sway someone who is on the fence about the music! Reviews do not have to be super long or in-depth, but try to be specific about what you like! Think about what would make you want to hear a song. A review that says “Really loving that guitar riff in the chorus” is much more effective than “OMG I love this song.”

The most important thing to remember is that every little bit helps. You don’t have to have a fan club or web site to be successful. Just do what you can and have a good time.

Thanks to: Ashley, Gina, Kellie, Marilyn, Melly, Rachael, Tammy, Tatiana, Olga, and Wes

Heffron Drive Announce New Single – Living Room

Heffron Drive is starting 2017 off with a bang! Not only does an international tour begin on January 13th, but the band will be releasing their latest single and music video, “Living Room.” This is the third single from their highly-anticipated EP that is expected to release early this year. Kendall and Dustin have been hinting about new music for quite some time, and officially announced the new song today during a live chat session with fans.

They had this to say about the single:

“Living Room” is about the ups and downs of a relationship. The song metaphorically refers to a living room as the “home” in a relationship, and how we all strive to have that place where we are comfortable and feel safe. – Kendall Schmidt

Ironically, “Living Room” began as an idea in Kendall’s living room. He played it for me and we started talking about all the aspects of relationships that happen in the living room. From watching TV, eating dinner, arguments, conversations, drinking, dancing.. everything. We wanted to write a song that encapsulated all of those ideas and painted a visual for a listener. I think we were able to write exactly what we had imagined. – Dustin Belt

“Living Room” will be available through all major digital retailers.


Turn Up The Volume: #12

Twenty-Nine and Feeling Fine

Happy birthday to Dustin Belt, who turned 29 on December 3rd. We love you, Dustin and we can’t wait to see what adventures you take us on in the next year.


More Tour Dates!

For the past 2 months, we have had new tour dates to announce, and the surprises just keep coming! Congratulations to Switzerland and Italy who will be seeing Heffron Drive in February! Wonder where else HD will venture before 2017 comes to an end?


Check out the full list of dates here:

FEB.19.2017 | LYON, FRANCE
FEB.24.2017 | TURIN, ITALY
FEB.26.2017 | ROME, ITALY


Kendall Schmidt is a man of many talents; singing, acting, writing, producing, and photography.

Over the past year, we have seen the passion of taking photos bloom in Kendall. What may have seemed like a mere hobby, has developed into something a bit more. It has always been there, as he has been taking many photos since his time touring with Big Time Rush, but now he is being more artistic and keeping it “old school” by using film versus digital.


Kendall’s camera of choice is a 1977 Pentax K1000 that he picked up from EBay. He has been sharing his photography on social media using the hashtag #K35mm and more recently adding #filmisnotdead as well. He has now created an Instagram account to share some of his photos. Be sure to give it a follow because these photos are posted there exclusively, and are not cross posted to his Twitter or Facebook.

He also uses a Fujifilm Instax for instant miniature retro Polaroid-style photos. Some of these photos were available at the merch table during the summer tour, and are expected to be sold at the upcoming dates as “HD Trading Cards.Signed and numbered prints of #K355 will be available as well. Get to the merch tables early, because these will surely sell out quickly.


Learn more about Kendall’s love of photography in this interview with Myspace, where he speaks of five dream destinations he would like to visit and photograph.

Soft Rocking Your Stockings Off

On December 10th, 2016 Bryce Soderberg (Lifehouse) hosted the very first “Soft Rocking Your Stockings Off” streaming concert for charity on Stage It from his home in California. Many artists participated by playing acoustic sets of their songs and some Christmas songs as well.


Heffron Drive was one of guests during this broadcast. They played Happy Mistakes, Don’t Let Me Go, and of course Kendall’s Christmas hit, Blame It on the Mistletoe. There was even a special mashup of Parallel with a cover of Starboy by The Weeknd.


We spoke with Bryce a few days after the event. “Dustin and Kendall were incredible human beings and were very generous with their time and efforts,” he said. As if we had any doubt these boys were kindhearted?

The event had about 100 viewers raised almost $3000 for St. Jude’s Hospital and Musicians on Call. They are hoping to increase these numbers next year!

Blame It on the Mistletoe


This past November marked the two-year year anniversary of Kendall’s solo hit, “Blame It on the Mistletoe,” which was released on November 25, 2014. The song premiered during a live performance in Chicago on Windy City Live on November 20th, with his first public performance of the song being at the annual Magnificent Mile Lights Festival two days later. He would go on to perform it in Philly during abc6’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on November 27th.

One of the most memorable performances of “Blame It on the Mistletoe” was at The Roxy in Los Angeles, California on December 22, 2015. Special guest, Jacob Scesney, joined them on stage to play sax and added a killer solo to the tune. You can watch here.


Does Jacob look familiar? He should! He recorded the awesome flute track in Rain Don’t Come, and joined Heffron Drive in the studio at Sunset Sound for the live acoustic performance for Virgin Air.

Blame It on the Mistletoe is sure to become a holiday classic as years go by. If you still don’t have this song in your collection, you can get it here.

New Year, New Music

As 2016 comes to an end, we are looking forward to 2017. With a new album expected before March and a new single due to drop soon, Heffron Drive will be starting the New Year with a bang! We can’t wait to hear it!


Thanks to Bryce, Lindsay, and Melly

Turn Up The Volume: #11


Happy birthday to Kendall Schmidt who turned 26 on November 2nd! We love you and look forward to what this next year has in store for you and your fans!


This Is All Now

If you caught Heffron Drive on tour this summer, you should be familiar with the band This Is All Now. If not, let me introduce you to singer Okan Kazdal, guitarist Louie Malpeli, drummer Mike Pittelli, and bassist Caleb Buttner. Together, these guys make great music and put on one hell of a show that you don’t want to miss.


I spoke with Louie about touring with HD. “Touring with Heffron Drive was surreal. We have great respect for those guys as musicians and touring with them was a pleasure. The camaraderie was incredible.”

TIAN had previously opened for Heffron Drive at a couple of shows, and the boys kept in touch. When it came time to set up the summer tour, Dustin reached out to have them join and they couldn’t say no!

Since the end of tour, This Is All Now has been working on new music for their fans. Their latest single is called “Rescue Me”. The music video was released exclusively on Alternative Press on November 18th and was the #2 trending story of the day! The song is now available for purchase on iTunes and other digital retailers.


I’ve Still Got My Eyes On You

When Heffron Drive fans met near Bryant Park in NYC on September 11th 2015 for a “secret concert” to celebrate the anniversary of Happy Mistakes, they were definitely in for a treat, but what they didn’t expect was a trick!

After waiting in line for several hours, the bus was late, and on the way to the venue fans were told that the concert was canceled. Little did they know that this was all part of the plan!

Heffron Drive surprised fans by performing live on the bus and revealing that they were now a part of a new hidden camera show called Hidden Heroes. In addition to being featured on an episode, Heffron Drive wrote and recorded the theme song, titled “Eyes on You.”

Eyes On You” was released on November 12th, 2015 and the Heffron Drive episode aired the following weekend. A behind the scenes music video was released soon after.

Back to School!

Nickelodeon has remastered the hit motion picture and Broadway show School of Rock into a television series. The story follows a washed up rocker posing as a substitute teacher who starts a secret rock band with the students in attempt to win Battle of the Bands.

What’s a good story without an antagonist? Enter rival band Night Lizard and their leader Justin, played by none other than Big Time Rush’s bad boy and our snarky Kendall Schmidt.


After failing to recruit Zack to join his band and ultimately losing the Battle of the Bands, Justin is out for revenge! And he’s willing to do just about anything to accomplish this. In his third appearance on the show, Justin opens a food truck in the parking lot of the school in direct competition of Zack’s truck. Hilarity ensues. In the end the villain is defeated, of course, but we don’t think this is the last we will see of Justin.


Drivers have been waiting for Kendall’s return to the show after he snapped a mysterious picture from the set a few months ago. Filming took place during the release of Don’t Let Me Go, and many of the cast posted pics with Kendall to help promote the song. It was great to see so much support.

New Merch!

The weather is starting to get a bit colder, and the new merchandise is here just in time! Check out all of the options below.

The Heffron Drive 2016 Tour Hoodies are only available for a limited time!  According to this tweet from Kendall, they were supposed to leave the store on November 20th! They are still on the site, so get them while you can!


There are also new limited edition beanies to keep you looking stylish this winter.


Kendall also announced that a new design Winter 2016 Hoodies are now on sale as well!


Kendall also revealed on Instagram and Twitter that there would be HD Trading Cards available at the next shows and maybe even online as well! He also plans to sell signed and numbered prints of his #K35mm photos.

So many new options!  What are you most looking forward to getting? Not to play favorites, but I totally pre-ordered my Winter hoodie already!

GIVE AWAY! To thank our readers and to spread some holiday cheer, we are giving away 2 of the new Heffron Drive beanies! All you need to do is fill out this form to be entered! Contest is available worldwide! Winners will be contacted by email on December 11th.

Heffron Drive Conquers the World

Since the band relaunched in 2013, Heffron Drive has performed all over the globe: Germany, Mexico, Uruguay, Italy, and The Philippines just to name a few. In early 2017, several new countries will be added to that list!

It was previously reported that HD would return to France in November, but the band will be there sooner than originally anticipated! Along with previously announced dates for Mexico, the band will be making stops in France, Russia, and The Netherlands in Feburary. Check out the full list of dates below!


FEB.17.2017 | PARIS, FR
FEB.18.2017 | ROUBAIX, FR
FEB.19.2017 | LYON, FR
FEB.20.2017 | TOURS, FR

Get your tickets at heffrondrive.com/tour

Be Hapbee

Kendall Schmidt has teamed up with his broth Kevin, along with Carlos and Alexa PenaVega and Ashley Benson to start the Hapbee company. Hapbee is a natural and organic lifestyle brand. Their first product is the Hapbee Facekit


The Hapbee Face Kit is a bi-monthly (60 day supply) three-part natural and organic face care kit with no chemicals, GMOs, fillers, synthetic additives, and zero animal testing. The honey is locally sourced, and rumor has it that Kendall may soon have his own apiary!

The kit includes a zinc bar, a honey-sugar scrub, and a daily healing balm. You can pre-order the kit with a $5 discount on indiegogo until December 11th. First shipments will go out on December 12th and then the product will be available at hapbeecompany.com.

Unclear Magazine

Heffron Drive was the cover story of Unclear Magazine’s November issue. Kendall and Dustin spoke with them about what’s coming up for the band and there are some really great photos as well. Kendall also left his fans a special message.


You can view the magazine for free online, but you can also order a print copy here.

Thanks to: Jayla, Louie, Melly, Tammy, Tatiana, and This Is All Now


Turn Up The Volume: #10

On Tour with Heffron Drive

If you stopped by the merch table while Heffron Drive was on tour this summer, you most likely met Lisa! Along with handling merch, Lisa was also the official tour photographer and assistant tour manager. We spoke with her a few weeks after tour ended to see what it was like!


“Being the photographer on this last tour was super fun. I’ve always had a love for concert photography and wanted to get shots like my favorite photographers. So to get to do the same thing this summer was a dream come true,” she told us. Lisa always considered photography as a hobby, but this was her first time doing it professionally. I think we can all agree that she did an amazing job!

She said it could be stressful having to be the merch person, photographer, and tour assistant at the same time. There was so much to do! During the show was when it was the most stressful, especially trying to get great shots. “You have to work around the lighting, the crowd and the venue. Lighting is easy but moving through the crowd is a bit tough cause you don’t want to block their view and I do my best not to stand in the way. To anyone that went to the shows: I hope I didn’t block you and if I did, sorry!”


We asked Lisa her favorite part of tour, and she had such a great time, she couldn’t name just one! The days off in Minnesota were some of her favorites. They went go-karting, mini-golfing, and to see the movie Suicide Squad. It was a great opportunity for the group to bond.

“From the van rides, the crazy antics/jokes & the shows, the whole tour was fun and a great learning experience. Couldn’t have been an even more perfect tour with the best group of people to be with. Can’t wait for the next tour with HD and hopefully other bands as well.”

Vamos a Mexico!

Hola Mexico! Heffron Drive is coming your way this January.


Don’t miss your chance to see Kendall and Dustin this January! Ticket information can be found here:

Mexico City / Monterrey / Guadalajara 

Don’t have your tickets yet? You better hurry if you want to see the guys in concert – tickets are going fast! VIP tickets to Mexico City sold out in 42 minutes!

Hoping for even more shows in Mexico?  Get on Twitter and let them know!


Heffron Drive Album #2

The new Heffron Drive album may be here sooner than you think!

After working on songs throughout the year while not on tour, the boys are ready to buckle down and get it all finished.

In an update on heffrondrive.com from early October, Dustin said, “After a whirlwind past 2 months, Kendall and I are excited to get back into the studio and finish writing #HeffronDriveAlbum2! It’s been a long time coming and actually having some time off to focus on the creative behind it is more than welcomed.”

We’ve been seeing hints here and there of their time in the studio. Most recently we saw these photos in Dustin’s instagram story:


An inside source tells TUTV exclusively that the new album will be released before March 2017! Also, Mexico won’t be the only country to get a visit from Heffron Drive next year! France! Get ready because HD will be heading your way in November!

Dustin at ACL

Dustin Belt was back at it again; taking over another music festival. This time the Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL Music Festival) in Zilker Park, Austin, Texas had the pleasure of his presence for Weekend One of the two weekend event.


Dustin, alongside Austin, Texas’ own independent artist ZEALE, hosted Red Bull’s SnapChat and Facebook channels; providing viewers with backstage access, interview with performing bands, and loads of selfies. The pair seemed to have a blast together and the content of their experiences did not did disappoint as RedBull has seemed to ask them both to do it again. I think RedBull found their music correspondents for future shows!

ACL marks the third music festival DBelt has hosted for RedBull: Lollapalooza 2015 and 2016 in Grant Park, Chicago, Illinois being his first and second. If you ask me, I think we Drivers have loosened Ole’ Dusty up a bit. He seems to be more comfortable with this role; he has gone from Lollapalooza 2015 stage hand to the goofball we know and love in public.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a great time of year to get scared, dress up, and have fun with your friends. We love seeing our favorite celebrities dress up and we love dressing up as them also! Check out the fans below who took it to the next level!

Melly from North Carolina was a life sized Happy Mistakes album last year, and Samantha from Mexico dawned full Día de Muertos make up as Kendall’s sugar skull tattoo.


Did you dress up as something Heffron Drive related? Share your pics and stories in the comments!

This year, Kendall was dressed as Dexter from Dexter’s Lab, and we’re not quite sure what Dustin is supposed to be but it’s awesome.

Thanks to: Lindsay, Lisa, Melly, Samantha, Tammy, and Tatiana