Mad At The World Music Video

Call MTV, I think we just found our video of the year!

If you haven’t checked out the video for “Mad at the World,” you are seriously missing out. It takes the viewer on a crazy adventure with a slightly wound up Dustin who’s on the verge of a breakdown, getting frustrated by a goofy, fun-loving, free-spirited Kendall (in very questionable wardrobe) who has made his mission to try and get Dustin to cut loose, relax, and not see life so stressfully. It’s only when Dustin is truly free that Kendall’s job is done.


“You gotta take control of the most important part of yourself. Your mind, my man.”

This video itself is like a little movie for the guys, both of them taking on acting roles and characters more than the musicians we often see. It is 9 minutes 45 seconds of entertainment, with ups and downs and surprises around every corner. It’s an epic journey that leaves you full of hope, positive vibes, a smile, and an open mind that things might just not be that bad after all.


This short film was recorded and directed by Wesley Quinn, who has worked on several of Heffron Drive’s previous music videos in some capacity. We spoke with Wes to get some behind-the-scenes details!

The video was shot over a four day long road trip that spanned over 22,000 miles from Kansas to California! Wes called the experience “pure adventure.,” going on to add, “This project was a blast! A wonderful, bonding moment for all of us that we will never forget.”


Filming the road trip was not originally intended to be a music video, but just some fun footage to share with fans. With creative minds like Kendall, Dustin, and Wes though, the idea of documenting a road trip morphed into an elaborate concept that had Wes flying out to Kansas to ride along with the boys to film it properly. The result was a short film they could all be proud of.

Check out the video here.

// Rachael, Melly