Turn Up the Volume: #14

The Slow Motion EP

You hear the sound of a very simple classical piece of music coming through an old-style record player, and then Kendall Schmidt’s echoing voice repeating one line over and over: “SLOW MOTION.” This is how Heffron Drive chose to start the title track to their brand-new EP, which came out Friday, February 10, 2017.

The tracks themselves are edgier musically than some of their previous releases, but they still keep the same message of love, hope and positive thoughts in the lyrics.

Kendall said in an interview with Life 78 in Russia, “I think this new EP is like the closest we’ve gotten to our original sound. [With the first album] we were kinda discovering what we wanted the music to be like […] so I don’t think the cohesiveness was there. But with this new EP […] we’ve had those singles […] to build and find what we wanted to do. This new EP is as cohesive as it gets, I think, for the band.”

The tracks definitely have sharper layers to them this time around with AJ Novak on live drums. You can tell that all the aspects of the music production have been taken into consideration. The guys are growing and learning what it takes to not only be better musicians, but producers and technicians as well.

Dustin’s impressive talent on the guitar with his solos are definitely going to be something to get excited about seeing live, and asking Bryce Soderberg of Lifehouse (who they worked with at Christmas for “Soft Rocking Your Stockings Off”) to do the memorable bass line for “Fingers Crossed” is a perfect collaboration.

This EP marks the first time the duo has released anything under the genre of Alternative on iTunes, and it proved to be a successful move, breaking in at number 10 on the charts.

If this is a taste of what we can expect for the new album coming later this year, it’s certainly going to be a good year for Heffron Drive and will encourage a lot of new of fans.

The Slow Motion EP is currently available for purchase at all major digital retailers, and it will be released on vinyl and cassette in the near future.

Sofia Reyes

Sofia Reyes is a Mexican singer-songwriter who is known for her upbeat music that mixes Spanish and English lyrics. She was discovered on YouTube and her first single was released in 2013. In 2015, she released a song called “Conmigo (Rest of Your Life)” with a music video featuring Kendall Schmidt as her love interest.

Combining their success, Kendall and Sofia performed a special duet of “Conmigo” at the Mexican Kid Choice Awards. They later shared some tour dates in Mexico where they performed this rendition as well. Sofia also joined Kendall to perform “Night Like This” filling in for Hilary Duff.

Sofia’s first full length album “Louder” was released on February 3rd, 2017. Kendall, along with bandmate Dustin Belt, attended the album release party in Los Angles to help their friend celebrate!

European Tour


It is easy to see that Heffron Drive doesn’t sit around without doing anything for long. Less than a month after touring in Mexico, Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt with A.J. Novak and Chris Vieyra kicked off their European tour.

On February 8th Heffron Drive landed in Moscow, Russia. Having very limited time to spend on seeing the sights of the city, they immediately went to the Red Square.

“It was too cold to smile. But hey Russia, we made it!” Dustin commented this photo in his Instagram. However, they left for their hotel right after that as it was late evening in Moscow and Heffron Drive had to perform next night.

On February 9th Heffron Drive performed in Yotaspace Club with their first ever show in Russia.

On that day, among older music, two new songs were played for the first time – Slow Motion and Fingers Crossed. You think it couldn’t get any better? It actually did, when during the show Kendall and Dustin promised to come back to Russia later! It was an unforgettable night for the fans who attended the show.

The next day Heffron Drive had a few hours before their show in St. Petersburg and Life78 used their chance to interview Kendall and Dustin. You can watch their interview here.

After one more epic show that night, Heffron Drive had some time off. February 11th, they spent in St. Petersburg sightseeing and taking photos and videos with their drone.

Catch up on all the details of their adventures in Russia with The DBelt Blog #15.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands was the second country visited by Heffron Drive during their European Tour. Paris maybe known as the “City of Love,” but Kendall and Dustin brought the love to Amsterdam during their concert on Valentine’s Day. After a day a sightseeing and a visit to the Amsterdam Cheese Museum, Heffron Drive rocked out at the Melkweg!

Check out their special cover of “Your Body Is A Wonderland


Bienvenue en France, Heffron Drive!

Touring Europe by train, Heffron Drive made two stops in France in February; Paris on the 17th and Lyon on the 19th.

They definitely enjoyed their time there. During Koffee Time with Kendall on March 1st, Kendall described the venue Le Trianon as a “Mini big theatre. Really fun to be in and the show was amazing. Everyone was awesome.” Check out this episode of The DBelt Blog called “Heffron Drive Behind the Music” film in that theater.

But that wasn’t the only “big” reference to be mentioned! They even performed a few Big Time Rush throwback acoustic tracks during sound check, like “Not Alone” which had previously never been performed live. Truly a special moment for French fans!


The band’s trip to Switzerland was short, but sweet. They put on an amazing show at Kulturfabrik Kofmhel in Solothurn.


The final stop of the European tour was in Italy!

Though Heffron Drive had been to Italy many times over the past couple of years, the fans were just as excited as the first time. Kendall and Dustin love their Italian fans and were more than happy to return to this beautiful country.

To conclude the tour, Kendall had this to say on Instagram. “Such an amazing trip, but so happy to be home. Thank you to everyone who came to rock out with us! Love you all!”

Thanks to: KT, Natasja, Melly, Rachael, Safi, Tammy, Tatiana, and Olga