Heffron Drive: Top 10 of 2016

Heffron Drive have accomplished many things during this past year. Lots to be proud of. It was super tough, but we’ve narrowed it down to our favorite ten moments of 2016.


Do you agree with our list? What moment was most memorable to you? Let us know in the comments!

#10 Dustin on YouNow

In 2016, Heffron Drive really connected with their fans online. Besides the usual platforms like Twitter and Instagram, they branched out in their ways to communicate with us. We saw live rehearsals on Periscope, saw bits of concerts and behind the scenes videos on SnapChat, but the most interactive and fun way was the live chats Dustin Belt would have on YouNow.

During the livechats, Dustin would do all sorts of things. Answer fan questions. Give shout-outs. Play covers. Do funny characters. Give away prizes. It was really fun, because it felt like you were just hanging out with Dbelt. It was a great opportunity for fans to get to know Dustin.



#9 School of Rock

Kendall Schmidt guest starred on Nickelodeon’s tv show, School of Rock, playing the lead singer of a rival band. It was great to see Kendall on our tvs again. He had 3 appearances on the show in 2016, and we don’t think this is the last we will see of his character, Justin. I’m sure the cast would love to have him back. Actor Lance Lim told PopCityLife that Kendall was the most fun guest star they’ve had so far!


#8 Visit Asia

In June, Heffron Drive made their debut in Asia! Kendall and Dustin attended Toy Con in Manila, Philippines on June 11th and 12th. They signed autographs and performed each night. They played both Heffron Drive songs and a few hits from Big Time Rush as well. Reaching a new continent was huge!


#7 Ride of Fame

On Jan. 19th  Kendall Schmidt was inducted in to the Ride of Fame and unveiled a double decker tour bus that features his photo on the front, as well as a special seat on the top level with his autograph. During a short ceremony, the Ride of Fame team expressed how amazed they were by all the love and support Drivers and Rushers had shown for Kendall. Most impressive was the fact that Kendall was the first celebrity to have their Ride of Fame hashtag trend worldwide on Twitter.


# 6 Ischia Global Icon Award

Kendall Schmidt was awarded an Ischia Global Icon Award during the 2016 Ischia Global Film & Music Festival in Italy following there sold out concert on the Italian Island of Ischia. The Award presented by Kerry Kennedy (Pictured) celebrates influential artists in the entertainment industry.  Kendall won the“Kids Global Icon Award”. Previous recipients include stars such as Selena Gomez and Freddie Highmore.


#5 Heffron Drive Performs Live At Sunset Sound

At the iconic Sunset Sound studio in Hollywood, California, Heffron Drive recorded an acoustic video of “Rain Don’t Come” with PopManiaTV as part of their sponsorship with Virgin Produced. This video was featured on-board Virgin America and Virgin Australia flights, as well as at Virgin Hotels. This was some major exposure for the band.



#4 Don’t Let Me Go

On June 24th, “Don’t Let Me Go” was released. This was a new sound for the band and highlighted their production skills. The lyrics are full of emotion, and this was perfectly conveyed with Kendall’s passionate voice. In addition to the difference in style, the music video was also a stark contrast to their previous release “Rain Don’t Come.” DLMG was filmed indoors with lots of visual effects and lights.


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#3 Summer Tour

Heffron Drive played 14 shows across the US and Italy in August as part of the #HDSummerTour. Fans from all over came out to hear Heffron Drive, with fans from France, Brazil, and New Zealand attending shows in America. This was the first full band tour in the US since 2014 and we were definitely ready for it! They played at smaller venues than previous tours, offering a more intimate experience.


#2 Italian Tour with Logan Henderson

Italy loves Heffron Drive! After a short string of acoustic concerts in November of 2015, HD returned to Italy with a full band and Logan Henderson in tow. HD played fan favorites, then Kendall and Logan would perform a medley of Big Time Rush songs, as well as their duet of “Passing Time” from Happy Mistakes: Unplugged. This tour was so popular, that the venue in Rome had to be moved to a larger theater- one that had a 10,000 person capacity!


#1 Rain Don’t Come

On April 8th, Heffron Drive released their single “Rain Don’t Come” and the music video followed on April 15th. This was an extremely happy moment for fans because it had been quite some time since the band released new music and this was the first proper music video from the duo. The song was a new sound for Heffron Drive, and marked the beginning of a new direction for heir music. It was a risky move, but it has definitely paid off!


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