Turn Up The Volume: #11


Happy birthday to Kendall Schmidt who turned 26 on November 2nd! We love you and look forward to what this next year has in store for you and your fans!


This Is All Now

If you caught Heffron Drive on tour this summer, you should be familiar with the band This Is All Now. If not, let me introduce you to singer Okan Kazdal, guitarist Louie Malpeli, drummer Mike Pittelli, and bassist Caleb Buttner. Together, these guys make great music and put on one hell of a show that you don’t want to miss.


I spoke with Louie about touring with HD. “Touring with Heffron Drive was surreal. We have great respect for those guys as musicians and touring with them was a pleasure. The camaraderie was incredible.”

TIAN had previously opened for Heffron Drive at a couple of shows, and the boys kept in touch. When it came time to set up the summer tour, Dustin reached out to have them join and they couldn’t say no!

Since the end of tour, This Is All Now has been working on new music for their fans. Their latest single is called “Rescue Me”. The music video was released exclusively on Alternative Press on November 18th and was the #2 trending story of the day! The song is now available for purchase on iTunes and other digital retailers.


I’ve Still Got My Eyes On You

When Heffron Drive fans met near Bryant Park in NYC on September 11th 2015 for a “secret concert” to celebrate the anniversary of Happy Mistakes, they were definitely in for a treat, but what they didn’t expect was a trick!

After waiting in line for several hours, the bus was late, and on the way to the venue fans were told that the concert was canceled. Little did they know that this was all part of the plan!

Heffron Drive surprised fans by performing live on the bus and revealing that they were now a part of a new hidden camera show called Hidden Heroes. In addition to being featured on an episode, Heffron Drive wrote and recorded the theme song, titled “Eyes on You.”

Eyes On You” was released on November 12th, 2015 and the Heffron Drive episode aired the following weekend. A behind the scenes music video was released soon after.

Back to School!

Nickelodeon has remastered the hit motion picture and Broadway show School of Rock into a television series. The story follows a washed up rocker posing as a substitute teacher who starts a secret rock band with the students in attempt to win Battle of the Bands.

What’s a good story without an antagonist? Enter rival band Night Lizard and their leader Justin, played by none other than Big Time Rush’s bad boy and our snarky Kendall Schmidt.


After failing to recruit Zack to join his band and ultimately losing the Battle of the Bands, Justin is out for revenge! And he’s willing to do just about anything to accomplish this. In his third appearance on the show, Justin opens a food truck in the parking lot of the school in direct competition of Zack’s truck. Hilarity ensues. In the end the villain is defeated, of course, but we don’t think this is the last we will see of Justin.


Drivers have been waiting for Kendall’s return to the show after he snapped a mysterious picture from the set a few months ago. Filming took place during the release of Don’t Let Me Go, and many of the cast posted pics with Kendall to help promote the song. It was great to see so much support.

New Merch!

The weather is starting to get a bit colder, and the new merchandise is here just in time! Check out all of the options below.

The Heffron Drive 2016 Tour Hoodies are only available for a limited time!  According to this tweet from Kendall, they were supposed to leave the store on November 20th! They are still on the site, so get them while you can!


There are also new limited edition beanies to keep you looking stylish this winter.


Kendall also announced that a new design Winter 2016 Hoodies are now on sale as well!


Kendall also revealed on Instagram and Twitter that there would be HD Trading Cards available at the next shows and maybe even online as well! He also plans to sell signed and numbered prints of his #K35mm photos.

So many new options!  What are you most looking forward to getting? Not to play favorites, but I totally pre-ordered my Winter hoodie already!

GIVE AWAY! To thank our readers and to spread some holiday cheer, we are giving away 2 of the new Heffron Drive beanies! All you need to do is fill out this form to be entered! Contest is available worldwide! Winners will be contacted by email on December 11th.

Heffron Drive Conquers the World

Since the band relaunched in 2013, Heffron Drive has performed all over the globe: Germany, Mexico, Uruguay, Italy, and The Philippines just to name a few. In early 2017, several new countries will be added to that list!

It was previously reported that HD would return to France in November, but the band will be there sooner than originally anticipated! Along with previously announced dates for Mexico, the band will be making stops in France, Russia, and The Netherlands in Feburary. Check out the full list of dates below!


FEB.17.2017 | PARIS, FR
FEB.18.2017 | ROUBAIX, FR
FEB.19.2017 | LYON, FR
FEB.20.2017 | TOURS, FR

Get your tickets at heffrondrive.com/tour

Be Hapbee

Kendall Schmidt has teamed up with his broth Kevin, along with Carlos and Alexa PenaVega and Ashley Benson to start the Hapbee company. Hapbee is a natural and organic lifestyle brand. Their first product is the Hapbee Facekit


The Hapbee Face Kit is a bi-monthly (60 day supply) three-part natural and organic face care kit with no chemicals, GMOs, fillers, synthetic additives, and zero animal testing. The honey is locally sourced, and rumor has it that Kendall may soon have his own apiary!

The kit includes a zinc bar, a honey-sugar scrub, and a daily healing balm. You can pre-order the kit with a $5 discount on indiegogo until December 11th. First shipments will go out on December 12th and then the product will be available at hapbeecompany.com.

Unclear Magazine

Heffron Drive was the cover story of Unclear Magazine’s November issue. Kendall and Dustin spoke with them about what’s coming up for the band and there are some really great photos as well. Kendall also left his fans a special message.


You can view the magazine for free online, but you can also order a print copy here.

Thanks to: Jayla, Louie, Melly, Tammy, Tatiana, and This Is All Now