Turn Up The Volume: #8 + #9


Heffron Drive had a very busy August, playing 14 shows across the US and Italy as part of the #HDSummerTour. Fans from all over came out to hear Heffron Drive, with fans from France, Brazil, and New Zealand attending shows in America. The band’s Snapchat account shared videos and snaps from each concert, so fans at home could enjoy the shows as well!


Kendall and Dustin played their newest songs “Rain Don’t Come” and “Don’t Let Me Go” along with favorites from Happy Mistakes. Fans were even treated to old school Heffron Drive songs- “Better Get to Moving” and “Time Wasting” from their Myspace days. Fans who purchased VIP packages got to enjoy covers of songs like “Drive” by Incubus or “Iris” by The Goo Goo Dolls.


The tour introduced some new merch! Along with the temporary tattoos, pins, and notebooks that can be purchased online, new t-shirts were also available. There were tees with the artwork from “Don’t Let Me Go” and another was a specially designed tee celebrating the tour and also a matching poster! All t-shirts sold out before the end of the tour!


Check out these rad photos from tour by Unclear Magazine and Digital Tour Bus!

Behind the Barricade

While out on tour, Heffron Drive participated in many interviews. One of the most anticipated, was with the podcast Behind the Barricade. Fans were actively involved with making this interview happen by getting the hashtag #HeffronDriveonBehindtheCade trending nationally.

After a great performance at Webster Hall, Kendall and Dustin met with John and Dan to talk music and answer fan questions. John told us they “had a blast” and you can definitely tell everyone was having a good time.

Behind the Barricade is currently working on their new website. Show them some support by downloading and rating Heffron Drive’s episode. New interviews are posted every Monday and Thursday. Also, be sure to check out their Patreon page.

Listen to the podcast here: podbean / iTunes

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen.

There has been no slowing down since wrapping up the Summer Tour!  Along with working on music for the next Heffron Drive album, Kendall has also been busy at work on some collaborations.  Earlier this month he worked with Eric Dash, who you may remember toured with Heffron Drive back on the #HDWinterTour in 2013.


Kendall has also been working with Avonlea on a collaboration.While working together, they did a cover of “Drive” by Incubus, which she shared on Instagram and Twitter. Take peek when you get a chance!

This past weekend, Kendall worked with even more artists! Check out the photos below.



With so much hard work going on, there should be lots of great new music in the future!

Kendall had this to say about his recent collaborations:


Live From…. Wherever Dustin Belt Is!

Have you ever wanted to hang out with Dustin Belt but you don’t live anywhere close to where he is? You don’t feel like cleaning your room? You are not allowed to have boys over (trust me, I’ll be 27 in a month and the rules are the rules!)? Or maybe you have the attitude that real pants are optional at the moment? If you are like me, the answers to all these questions is ‘HECK YEAH! But how?!’

Well, get out of that bed and get cute from the waist up because I Have Amazing News! The man with the ‘Dustache’ has decided to hold live chats on the YouNow app and website! Yup! You read that right, you can talk to Dustin live from the comfort of your home! Trust me you don’t want to miss a single one of them!

Dustin appears to be going live on Saturdays or at times when everyone is most likely home. He will announce the specific time and date of each chat on the site and on his social media outlets. Over that last couple sessions Dustin has been known to give shout outs, bringing on guests like his family, friends, alter egos, critters, even you (hence getting cute from the waist up, you rock your comfy pants no one is going to know!). He will also answer every question thrown at him, play covers of songs either requested or ones he has prepared, he’ll even walk you through how Heffron Drive songs are made on program Logic.

During the last YouNow broadcast, Dustin has been running a contest where you can win prizes like likes, follows, and much more live. The grand prize for this contest is the chance to win his Halloween costume this year. The drawing for this prize November 5th; that means you still have time to enter! All you need to do is log on to YouNow when he says to and follow the directions given.

These are the sites that you are going to need to keep up with Dustin!

Twitter: @dbeltwrites
Snapchat: thedbeltblog
Instagram: @dbeltwrites
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dustinbeltmusic/
YouNow: https://www.younow.com/dbeltwrites

Motivation for Every Day of the Week

Occasionally Kendall will tweet some inspiration for us to reflect on. He’s done that several times this past month. When he’s reflecting on something he uses his sources to motivate and inspire those of us who admire him. He is so full of love that he shares his feelings with us. After all, that’s what is music is about. Hopefully, Kendall always knows how special he is in all of our lives.

Here are a few of our favorite bits of wisdom:




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Thanks to: Dan, John, Lindsay, Meg, Melly, Michelle, Tammy, and Tatiana,