Turn Up The Volume: #6

Bonjour, Heffron Drive!

Heffron Drive made their debut in France last month, flying to Paris to help promote the release of Big Time Rush’s Greatest Hits.

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Their stops included a performance on Le Mad Mag, a live streaming performance for Gulli, a special event for Kids Tonic with Virgin Radio, and a stop at NJR Hits Music Only radio with host Cauet. Smart Sony Music has made this great recap video.

France Drivers, if you missed seeing Kendall and Dustin during their visit, do not worry! The boys will return later this year for a concert in November. Be on the lookout for more information as the date approaches.

Had to be Philippines

June also marked Heffron Drive’s first visit to Asia.


Kendall and Dustin attended Toy Con in Manila, Philippines on June 11th and 12th. They signed autographs and performed each night. They played both Heffron Drive songs and a few hits from Big Time Rush as well. You can see highlights of these performances here.

The DBelt Blog

During the first two weeks of June, Heffron Drive flew 27,000 miles and made an entire trip around the globe! There were lots of memories to share with fans, and luckily Dustin brought back The DBelt Blog. Check out Dustin’s instagram for past episodes and be sure to follow so you don’t miss anything new.

Summer Tour!

Exciting news! HD Summer Tour was announced and the boys have dropped tour dates. All of us are dying to see where they will be performing!

Have you checked out the tour dates yet? Check them out below. You can purchase tickets at www.heffrondrive.com/tour

Dustin said on his Instagram that more dates may be added. Be sure to follow Heffron Drive on the Bands in Town app to be alerted when they will be performing in your area.


We spoke with some fans and they are thrilled to see Heffron Drive perform, especially the new songs “Rain Don’t Come” and “Don’t Let Me Go.” But that’s not all they’re excited for.

“For me it’s not just about the music. It’s a chance to catch up with so many great friends I’ve made that I might not see every day,” Rachael told us.

This is true for many people attending the upcoming shows. It’s almost like a family reunion for Drivers who have met and became friends online. Various fan club leaders have planned to meet up during this tour also.

Even fans who cannot attend any shows are pumped. Inna said,“I’m very excited because we can see a lot of new photos and videos.” We think everyone can all agree on that!

Are you excited for a new tour? Let us know in the comments.

New Merch!

Hey guys guess what? Heffron Drive has new Merch in their store! That’s right and just in time for their up and coming shows this summer! The new Merch includes gold temporary tattoos, Heffron Drive heart pins, guitar necklaces, notebook and pen sets, Heffron Drive Anthology (Happy Mistakes and Happy Mistakes: Unplugged) and Heffron Drive shades. Be sure to go and grab this Merch now! Those shades might come in handy when you rock out at one of their shows this summer.


Shop here.

Don’t Let Me Go

On June 24th, Heffron Drive surprised fans by releasing a new song and music video!


“Don’t Let Me Go” is a new sound for the band which allowed them to show off their production skills. The lyrics are full of emotion, and this is perfectly conveyed with Kendall’s passionate voice. The music video is very different than their previous release “Rain Don’t Come.” It was filmed indoors with lots of visual effects and lights.

Purchase, stream, and see the music video for the song here.


Heffron Drive Makes a Splash (and a snapchat)!

Heffron Drive kicked off their summer tour on June 25th at Splash Kingdom in Redlands, California. It was an acoustic set and those in attendance were lucky enough to hear the first live performance of the new song “Don’t Let Me Go.”


This day also marked the launch of Heffron Drive’s official Snapchat account. You can search for hdband, or use the image above to follow them.

Even more exciting was the special “Don’t Let Me Go” Snapchat filter that was available to those who attended the concert.


Did you get a great shot with the filter? Let’s see them in the comments

Upcoming Projects

  • July 11th – Twitter account Big Time Voters has a large collaborative effort with Drivers and  Arianators to get the two in the studio together. Help trend #GrandeftHeffronDrive. Get full details here.
  • HD Carolinas is working on a large project for the Southeastern United States. If you are a fan or fan club in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, or Virginia be sure to follow them for more details. The goal is to bring Heffron Drive to this area.
  • Heffron Drive – Michoacán is hosting an event to get the “Don’t Let Me Go” to 1 Million views. More details here.

Thanks to: Cristina, Inna, Lindsay, Melly, Rachael, and Shaunda.

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