Turn Up The Volume: #5

Rain Don’t Come

Since its release on April 8th, Heffron Drive has been busy promoting Rain Don’t Come through radio, print, and online.

One of the fist major interviews was with Mix 94.9 in Saint Cloud, Minnesota who included Rain Don’t Come on their flip or flop poll. They spoke about the inspiration behind the song and the video as well as what’s in store for the band in the future- lots of secrets but they did mention a tour and a new album!


Heffron Drive’s interview with Playboy Radio was perhaps the most unique as it exposed the band to a different audience. Kendall and Dustin talked about Coachella, Burning Man, and shared some hilarious stories. Also, we got a hint about their next single: the song is titled “Don’t Let Me Go.”


Kendall and Dustin have also been featured on the cover of two popular online magazines: Beyond the Stage and White Noise. Both articles are available to read for free or you can purchase print copy.

There have been so many great interviews throughout April and May. If you missed any, make sure you catch up by visiting Heffron Drive’s facebook page or one of the many fan clubs helping to promote the band worldwide.

Snapchat and Periscope

Heffron Drive uses many types of social media to connect with their fans. There are the usual suspects: twitter, facebook, and instagram, but services like Snapchat and Periscope are being used more and more.

Both of these platforms allow us to see what’s going on behind the scenes and in their daily lives. Kendall and Dustin have shared their silly side with snapchat and let us see short clips of rehearsal. Periscope has let us participate in rehearsal or interviews live, as they happen.


On May 18th, Heffron Drive filmed some interviews and musical performances for Virgin Airlines. Fans were able to join the boys in the studio (where Prince used to record!) thanks to snap chat.


If you’re not already following Kendall and Dustin on snapchat you can use these handy images, or search for their user names kendallsnaps111 and thedbeltblog


#CelebrateOutdoors with World Market


To celebrate the launch of their new Outdoor Collection, World Market hosted the ‪#‎CelebrateOutdoors‬ Summer Beach Party on May 14th. Those who attended were served poolside drinks while listening to live music by Heffron Drive. Videos of their performance can be found on World Market’s youtube channel.


Teamer Tips from TOLBooth OST

Here’s a recap of our tips for the month of May. Remember to check our Facebook page every Thursday for a new tip. To see past tips you can check out our Teamer Tips page on Tumblr.❤ Ashley

  • A really great feature on Facebook are the “Facebook Events” These are very helpful when promoting tour dates, album releases, song releases, video releases, etc. They allow you to invite your whole friends list and let them know what Heffron Drive is up to! Make sure if you’re creating events, you’re only creating them for your area. It doesn’t make sense for a fan club in Kentucky to make an event page for a concert in Italy 🙂 If you need any help on figuring out how to create an event on your facebook, let us know!
  • Make sure you’re only posting relative content on your fan club’s social media pages! Keep your posts Heffron Drive / TOLbooth Records related only. If someone comes across your fan page, you want them to check out Heffron Drive, not another artist. (if another artist is working with HD, then it’s okay to share!)
  • Reminder to everyone that running a fan club is meant to be fun! It’s completely voluntary and it’s not supposed to be stressful. It’s not a competition. We’re all friends and we’re all here to promote Heffron Drive and TOLbooth Records. Help each other out and HAVE FUN! 🙂
  • When reaching out to media outlets, radio stations, etc, make sure you’re promoting to Heffron Drive’s market. You don’t want to be reaching out to a classical music station requesting them to play HD. Do your research on who you’re reaching out to for the most effective promotion. Know who you’re promoting to. It will make your promotion much easier and successful!

Upcoming Promo Projects

  • Fan Clubs and leaders are working together to tweet various news sites and radio stations about Rain Don’t Come. Please continue to spread the word by retweeting!
  • When tweeting about Rain Don’t Come, be sure to add this link which has the music video and multiple ways for new fans to stream or buy the song.
  • Big Time Voters on twitter have a special hashtag planned to promote Heffron Drive and possible collaborations during June. Follow their account for more details.

TOLBooth Street Team Fan Club of the Month


>-What is your name? – Leslie

> -Where are you from? – from a somewhat small city in Minnesota an hour south of Minneapolis

> -Favorite Heffron Drive Song? – My favorite song or songs of Heffron drive are Happy Mistakes both versions, Everything Has Changed both versions and as well as Rain Don’t Come!

> Favorite Heffron Drive Moment –
My favorite Heffron Drive moment would have to be them getting to perform Parallel on A Capitol Fourth, but a close second would be them premiering Rain Don’t Come on a radio station in Minnesota.

> -Favorite ways to promote? –My favorite way to promote would have to be through social media because so many radio stations, tv shows, and YouTube media all have a type of social network.

> – Advice you’d give to other fan clubs? – Some advice I would give to other fan clubs is that don’t worry if you feel like you’re not promoting enough even one tweet a day is great! Just try your best! 🙂

Twitter / Facebook

Thanks to: Ashley and Melly

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