Turn Up The Volume: #3

Two Years of Parallel

We’ve all been there…you put your music library on shuffle, the intro of “Parallel” starts playing and you rock out. Next song comes on and you’re now listening to the orchestral version of “Parallel,” followed by an acoustic version, a Mack & Jet Star Vega remix, and that doesn’t even begin to cover the live versions you’ve ripped from YouTube.

It’s hard to believe this song is already two years old. “Parallel” was released on March 25th, 2014. This first true Heffron Drive release peaked at #11 on the iTunes charts which is pretty darn impressive for a band that’s doing this all on their own. Heffron Drive put their trust in the fans to carry this song and Drivers everywhere didn’t let them down. There was a huge push to get the song on radio which led to a small radio tour that covered Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Nevada, California, New York, and Pennsylvania. Heffron Drive also performed the song with the National Symphony Orchestra for PBS’ “A Capitol Fourth” event in Washington D.C.

It wasn’t just the fans who fell in love with the song. Media outlets gave nothing but praise to the debut single:

We have had Heffron Drive’s new single “Parallel” on repeat since we got to download it yesterday, and we have no plans to turn it off.” –Fanlala

.“Heffron Drive’s songwriting is quite warm and honest on this tune. They use great allusions and vivid imagery to convey their message across. “Parallel” is very catchy, soothing and has a great beat to it. Once you hear it, “Parallel” is hard to get out of your head, no matter how hard you try.” – Digital Journal

So much has happened in the last two years for Heffron Drive, and this is the song that truly started it all.

Buy Parallel on iTunes

Parallel Official Lyric Video


 Second Heffron Drive Music Video

Drivers! Have you heard about the 2nd music video from Heffron Drive? Are you excited? Here’s what we know: The guys have been working so hard on new music and music videos. Kendall and Dustin have been giving little teasers on social media. The guys sure do know how to make us suffer with anticipation!


I mean look at them on those Segway Hoverboards. Anyone else curious how they included those in the music video? Hopefully nobody got hurt, but it sure does look interesting!


Here we have Kendall beside Dustin, who is playing his guitar. We can see the background and an idea of how the music video will look. Don’t you want to see more now?


And then we have both of them posing for the video Dustin posted on Snapchat. Follow the guys on Snapchat at ‘kendallsnaps111’ and ‘thedbeltblog’ for updates of their days.


Now all we can do is wait until we see more of this 2nd music video and enjoy the teasers we received. Keep an eye out on social media for a release date. Don’t forget to subscribe to Heffron Drive on YouTube so you don’t miss out when this video is released

Heffron Drive with Logan Henderson

Back in November of 2015, Heffron Drive did a small acoustic tour of Italy in which they promised to return in March and to bring fellow Big Time Rush member Logan Henderson along for the ride. They made good on that promise, arriving in Naples, Italy, on March 8th with a back-up band for a string of full-production concerts.


After spending the first two days sightseeing and sampling the local cuisine, the tour officially started!

As the first four shows were advertised as “featuring Logan Henderson” it was no surprise to fans that he took part in the VIP meet and greets. It’s been a few years since Logan made a public appearance, so everyone was excited to see him along with Kendall and Dustin.

Kendall and Dustin took the stage each night to a packed house. When the time came, Logan joined them for a medley of Big Time Rush songs. They played “Nothing Even Matters,” “Windows Down” remixed with “Big Time Rush,” “Music Sounds Better With U,” and “If I Ruled the World.” He also joined them to perform “Passing Time,” which is the track he sings on Heffron Drive’s Happy Mistakes Unplugged album.


The first show at Teatro Palapartenope in Naples on March 10th was the “best concert ever!” according to @italianrushers, and judging by the mountain of photos, videos, and tweets posted, we think it’s safe to say that’s the general consensus all around. You can view many of these at Embrace The Unknown and TOLBooth OST tumblr.

March 11th was the second show, at Palaflorio in Bari. The morning hours were spent on breakfast, a bus ride, and of course sound check. That evening, the boys once again rocked the stage.  Full video of some songs were posted by fan Jennifer Lovine on her YouTube channel.

CEG Talent shared this candid shot from backstage after the show.


The concert in Rome on March 12th was originally slated for a small venue, but due to overwhelming ticket sales was relocated to PalaLottomatica, a venue that seats over 10,000! Due to the larger audience, we got more pictures and video from this show than the previous two, as well as professional quality photos thanks to Magdalena Romanczuk,  Alessia Buscarino and the Italian music magazine www.photovoice.eu.


Kendall and Logan were also interviewed that day by TG1, Italy’s main news program. Their segment aired on the show March 14th and can be viewed here.

Sunday, March 13th, was the final show featuring Logan. This concert at Teatro Colosseo was sold out! The venue was so packed that the fire marshal threatened to shut the place down, but the show was allowed to continue as planned. Once again fans came through with pictures and video, sharing the experience with everyone around the world. Dustin posted a photo of himself, Kendall, and Logan to close out the first leg of the tour.


We can’t thank the Italian fans enough for all of the posts that made it possible for fans worldwide to enjoy the concerts from afar. Thanks also to Ginger Generation, Teen Fest, and CEG Talent for documenting the tour

HD Italian Take Over

The past few months have been Heffron Over-Drive for Italian fans!

After a spectacular tour in November, Kendall Schmidt returned to Italy the last week of February to do press for the shows in March. Kendall had gelato with Ginger Generation, made the cover of Metro News Italia, and was a special guest on Detto Fatto .


He then returned to the states for a week of tour rehearsal with Dustin Belt, Logan Henderson, and the full band.

Heffron Drive’s second tour of Italy was a huge success. All shows were sold out in advance or reached maximum capacity the night of the event! They performed all the hits from Happy Mistakes, a couple of classics, and introduced a new song called “Rain Don’t Come.”

“Rain Don’t Come” is the song for the highly anticipated music video that was filmed in the desert a few months ago. There is no official release date for the video, but the song will be available to purchase on itunes on April 8th.


Check out the live performance of the song here.

Rain Don’t Come

It’s no April Fool’s Joke, the new Heffron Drive song “Rain Don’t Come” will be available for pre-order starting Friday, April 1st at 12:01am (in your respective time zones) on iTunes.

The song will be available for download starting Friday, April 8th worldwide (and yes Android users, the song will be available on Google Play and Amazon Music!)

After the news of the pre-order was announced, Kendall and Dustin both shared the single artwork on their Instagrams. The artwork hints at the desert video they filmed recently, which is also coming soon!

RainDontCome Album Artwork

 TOLBooth Records is looking for new talent!



Teamer Tips from TOLBooth OST

Hello Everyone!

Is it just me or did March just fly by? We’ve been busy passing time by helping Drivers promote TOLbooth Records and Heffron Drive. (Also making really terrible song puns, admit it you laughed.) Here’s a recap of our tips for the month of March. Remember to check our Facebook page every Thursday for a new tip. To see past tips you can check out our Teamer Tips page on Tumblr. ❤ Ashley

  • When you have multiple weeks to complete missions, spread out each task. Posting all in one day isn’t as effective as posting a little each day over a longer period of time! Longer missions with lots of tasks may seem daunting but if you space everything out and do a little bit each day, you won’t get overwhelmed and you have a better chance at reaching new fans.
  • Heads up all you social media enthusiasts! This is a really important tip for you. DO NOT SPAM Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. No one likes spam. It’s annoying and drives people away instead of pulling them in. (This also means adding x123456789 at the end of your tweet.) Post often but make sure you’re posting positive and engaging content.
    • Bonus tip if you’re attempting a trending topic on twitter: If people use the same hashtag more than 3x in a tweet, Twitter will mark that hashtag as spam and make it harder for that topic to trend.
  • One of my favorite times / places for physical promotion is talking to people while waiting in line for other concerts! There are so many people (who obviously love music) which makes it even easier to strike up a conversation. Nervous about approaching people for street missions? Bring a friend with you! It’s helpful to have someone taking photos/videos for you …and you have company!
  • Heading out to any music festivals this spring / summer? Festivals are the perfect place to find music lovers and make them into new fans! Grab some promo cards (get them from a fan club or make your own), stick them in your bag and hand them out in between catching your favorite bands. Not heading to a festival but you’re still catching some shows? You can promote to people waiting outside a venue (last week’s tip)!
  • Hashtags are a necessity when it comes to promoting. Make sure you’re tagging your tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Tumblr Posts, etc. This makes it easier for people to find out about Heffron Drive. Some popular and commonly searched tags are “#Music, #Bands, #Artists, #Songs, #Tour.”

 Upcoming Promo Projects

  • April 1st – Encourage fans and friends to Pre-Order Rain Don’t Come!
  • April 8th – HD Philly and HD Minnesota want to trend #RainDontCome
  • April 8th – TOLBooth OST Rain Don’t Come release mission + fan music video

TOLBooth Street Team Fan Club of the Month


March Fan Club of the Month is Heffron Drive Ukraine!

> -Where are you from? – Cherkassy, Ukraine.

> -What is your name? – Inna.

> -Favorite Heffron Drive Song? – Hmmm…maybe I’m not to be original If I say all of them. It’s really hard to choose one favorite, they all AMAZING! And every my mood have one favorite HD song 🙂

> -How did you discover Heffron Drive? – First of all I become Big Time Rush fan, and Kendall is my favorite part of this band, so when I studying Kendall biography I found out about his first project which call Heffron Drive. I found their songs and fell in love with  HD music!!!

> – Favorite Heffron Drive moment? – I wish that it would be a meeting with Kendall and Dustin, but I hope that in the future my dreams come true.
I have a few favorite moments.
1. When I received signed by Kendall copy of Happy Mistakes.
2. Follow from Kendall on my personal page and on page HD Ukraine fan club.
3. And thanks to Clever Concerts I could see Heffron Drive online live concert from Montevideo, Uruguay.

> -Favorite ways to promote? – I like all ways! They all necessary! It’s it all depends on the situation. I like to wear HD merch and then tell people what it means and why I wear them. My tattoo is one of the way to promote Heffron Drive. I always tell my friends about the band.

Definitely can say that physical promoting it’s always fun,  and when the weather will be much better and will be a little warmer, we’ll return to this way of promoting. Also I think that digital promoting very important, so for now we  direct all forces in the promotion of the HD using the expanses of the Internet.

> – Advice you’d give to other fan clubs? – Don’t stop do what they do!  Any help is very important for Kendall and Dustin. Keep up promote and support Heffron Drive because this guys with their big hearts like nobody else deserves on our love!

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Thanks to: Ashley, Cristina, Embrace the Unknown, Kellie, Marilyn, and Melly