Turn Up The Volume: #2


On Jan. 19, 2016 Kendall Schmidt was inducted in to the Ride of Fame and unveiled a double decker tour bus that features his photo on the front, as well as a special seat on the top level with his autograph. Many fans were present at the ceremony, despite the cruel temperatures that day in New York City, and were allowed to board the top level of the bus and to take photos with Kendall.

During a short ceremony, the Ride of Fame team expressed how amazed they were by all the love and support Drivers and Rushers had shown for Kendall. Most impressive was the fact that Kendall was the first celebrity to have their Ride of Fame hashtag trend worldwide on Twitter.

Fan input plays a role in determining who will be inducted into the Ride of Fame. Celebrities are nominated and voted for on rideoffame.com by fans. Fan votes play a “huge part of the algorithm which decides who is honored.” Several other factors are directly related to fans as well, such as Facebook likes, Twitter followers, fan club members, and IMDB star ranking.

It’s no wonder  @RideOfFame tweeted that Kendall Schmidt has the #BestFanArmy


Official Websites Relaunch

Have you recently asked yourself, “Where can I find the latest news and information about Heffron Drive?” If you have then you’re in luck because I have the perfect answer to your question; just pop on over to the newly renovated and updated websites heffrondrive.com and tolboothrecords.com.  These sites not only look great but are easy to navigate and provide you with all the information you need to stay up to date on all things Heffron Drive and TOLBooth Records related.

What type of information will you find there? At HeffronDrive.com you can find tour dates, song lyrics, merchandise, videos, and album information to name a few. You can see recent Instagram posts and Tweets from Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt, sign up to join the Heffron Drive newsletter, and shop links to buy their music on iTunes or CDs if you so desire. Over at TOLBoothRecords.com you can find tour dates and links to purchase tickets to see Heffron Drive perform live, and videos of the band’s Happy Mistakes Unplugged songs.

Both websites are visually interesting, colorful, and eye catching. The menus are easily accessible. Navigating through the content is as easy as point, click, and enjoy. There are links to the band’s social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, and Vine, along with links to their music on iTunes and Google Play. I have to say I am impressed with both sites and feel they provide everyone from curious newcomers to the most die-hard Driver fans with all the latest and greatest information about Heffron Drive.

There’s been talk about new artists being added to TOLBooth Records in the near future, as well as new information on the Heffron Drive site. But don’t just take my word for it. As stated on HeffronDrive.com, “We’re adding a bunch of new features to the website, so feel free to click around and check it all out. Plenty of new things added weekly, so check back often. – HD.” And Kendall Schmidt recently tweeted, “The NEW website for @TOLBoothRecords is LIVE! Check back for more great artists as I add to the label this year http://TOLBoothRecords.com/.”


So now that you know where to find the most up-to-date information about all things Heffron Drive, go spread the word. Heffron Drive’s fandom may be called Drivers simply because of the band’s name but the Driver fandom is so much more than that. We are a family, a support system, a “driving” force behind the band, and an unbelievably strong voice when it comes to promoting and supporting Heffron Drive. So keep spreading the love and support. Get the word out across the world. Tell your friends and have them tell their friends and have them tell their friends and so on and so forth. Tell your family and even a few random people you meet at the grocery store. You’ll be glad you told them and they’ll be glad they listened.

Are You Ready, Italy?


The Italy shows are right around the corner! Heffron Drive will be touring March 10th – March 20th. The shows March 10th – March 13th will feature special guest, Logan Henderson! If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, make sure you get them as soon as possible! The show in Torino has been sold out for weeks and a few other shows are close to selling out, according to the Teen Fest organization.

If you hadn’t already heard the news, the Heffron Drive show in Rome has changed venues. The original location wasn’t large enough so the show moved to the Palalottomatica, the largest venue in Rome! The show organizers gave this quote on the change:

 “We were expecting good sales, but the phenomenon has gone beyond our forecasts. We are so very proud to give to the concert a house more prestigious and at the same time easier access for families, and having regard to the target audience of young Kendall and Logan. We are also happy to announce that soon will be inserted into a normal very convenient for some areas of the Palalottomatica, in order to be able to allow really at all, even friendly more numerous, participation in the concert and the realization of a dream for the teenagers.”

 Also note that the start of the show was pushed back to 17:00 giving TWO hours for VIP Ticket holders instead of one hour. Original venue tickets will be honored so don’t worry if you already have your ticket. If you have any questions, please contact the Palalottomatica box office during their business hours.

Heffron Drive Teases New Music Video!


Drivers, I hope you’re ready because a brand new video is finally on the way from Heffron Drive. For the past couple of weeks we’ve been getting behind the scenes shots from Kendall’s Instagram and on Twitter. Some of the photos that have been shared include Kendall standing in the middle of the desert, a shot of him dancing near a fire, and even a photo of him killing some moves on the desert sand. And this tweet from October has fans speculating these may be lyrics to the new song.


The hype is definitely real because with all these pictures who knows what the first music video will be! One thing’s for sure, fans will be pretty pleased since Heffron Drive has been talking about releasing an official music video for quite some time.


While we wait for that video come, don’t hesitate to watch some of HD’s acoustic videos on YouTube, subscribe, and watch out for more behind the scenes pictures. You never know when the video will drop!

Make A Wish

Kendall flew to New Zealand to spend time with Grace, an 8 year old fan who was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis(NF1) in September. Through Make-A-Wish International, Kendall spent an entire weekend with Grace and her family after making a personalized video for her, which she received in December. To make things more exciting, Grace’s family told her she would be skyping with Kendall. When he walked through the door instead, she threw her arms around him and stayed that way all weekend. It was a very special trip for Kendall and it meant the absolute world to Grace.

Teamer Tips from TOLBooth OST

Hey Everyone!

We started a new feature this month that we’re really excited for. Every Thursday, we are giving you a Teamer Tip on how to make your promotion (both physical and digital) more effective. If you’re in a promotion slump or have no idea what to do, we’ll be providing some clever ideas! At the end of the month, we’re partnering up with Turn Up The Volume to recap these tips!

  • If you’re on the go and you think you don’t have time to promote, think again…. Wearing merch is the easiest way to promote a band. I get asked a lot, “Oh what does your shirt say?” and I can start talking about the best band in the world Heffron Drive. It’s something so simple we almost forget it’s a form of promotion! Here’s a picture of me wearing one of my fav #heffrondrive shirts while I was out and about running errands!
  • It’s important to be actively participating in promotion activities and missions! Even if you run your own fan club, make sure you’re still promoting and participating in other club’s (and your own) projects. The goal of fan clubs is to promote Heffron Drive and TOLbooth Records, and to do that we need everyone to be active in promoting.
  • If you win a prize, you are more than welcome to claim your prize or you can tell the fan club to pick someone else! It’s totally up to you, just make sure you’re participating 🙂
  • When you’re promoting online through social media, you want to make your posts sound more conversational and genuine and less like a sales pitch. The more genuine you sound, the more people will be interested in what you have to say!
  • The most important rule to any promotion is to HAVE FUN! The more fun you have, other people will notice and think hey this band is fun! Don’t let yourself get stressed out over promoting. The best and most creative promotion happens naturally!

Check back next month for a recap of March’s teamer tips!

❤ TOLbooth Records Street Team

Upcoming Promo Projects

TOLBooth Street Team Fan Club of the Month


Heffron Drive Brasil – SC is our February Fan Club of the Month!

> –Where are you from? Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil

> –What is your name? Marcelo S

> –Favorite Heffron Drive Song? My favorite song is Happy Mistakes

> -Favorite Heffron Drive moment? When Kendall talked to me by e-mail!

> –Favorite ways to promote? Playing Heffron Drive with my friends

> -Advice you’d give to other fan clubs? Don’t give up, give your best, we are Drivers!

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