Turn Up The Volume: #1

Had To Be Uruguay


On October 28th, 2015, Heffron Drive brought fans from all over the world together for one special night with the help of Clever Concerts. Over 200 fans from 27 different countries gathered around their computer screens to watch Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt perform live from Montevideo, Uruguay.

The concert included a performance of the complete Happy Mistakes: Unplugged album, along with a few favorites from their myspace days. The stream provided multiple angles and views which created a unique experience for the fans watching from the comfort of their home that could never be duplicated in person. Front row, back row, side stage, on stage- this concert had it all.

Clever Concerts has been working with streaming sites and tv stations for about 4 years, but this was their first streaming event of this type, and was actually the first event of this size for the country of Uruguay. They are constantly trying to evolve the streaming process and hope to bring other artists such as Adele, 5 Seconds of Summer and Justin Bieber.

We spoke with Daniel Goldman who said, “Working Heffron Drive was amazing.” He was very impressed with “the humility of all the guys” and said, “They really made things a lot easier for us and it was very pleasing being able to talk to each one of them in a more relaxed, non-all-business kind of way.” In fact, things went so well that they have been discussing some additional ideas with the band that they would like to try.


Heffron Drive’s South American tour has been nominated for best tour by Febreteen. Voting started today so make sure you vote as often as possible!

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Heffron Drive Returns to Italy


Good news for our Drivers in Italy, Heffron Drive is coming back for more dates as promised. The past few dates where Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt had performed overseas really opened their eyes to show more love for their international fans. Shocked to have sold out two shows in Italy, one in Lecce and the other in Torino, the band added two more dates to appease the fans. “Right now there are only four safe dates, but we hope to do more”, said by Kendall in an interview done for Gingergeneration.it.

Fans can also look forward to seeing former BTR member Logan Henderson joining the guys on stage, who always promised that he would one day do shows with his former bandmate and guitarist. In an interview with CelebrityHauteSpot, Kendall teased that he and Logan are working on a “surprise song” for the shows, which is in rough stages but is sure to make the fans happy. Although the crowd might feel nostalgic about not seeing BTR as a whole, fans can sure appreciate Heffron Drive returning this coming March and later in the year for Heffron Drive Live in Italy, where they will touch cities they have never been before. Tickets are on sale now at TicketOne.it


 Kendall Schmidt: A Man of Many Talents

On December 27th, Kendall tweeted “Ready to produce the next song by one of the #1D boys. Stoked to hear what happens to them all next!” This is HUGE news for both fans of Heffron Drive and One Direction. In true Kendall Schmidt fashion, he tweeted this so casually like this wasn’t extremely huge news. (also note the timestamp, no rest for the wicked(ly talented))


Of course this required responses from fans and we picked out a few of our favorites to share (in case you didn’t or don’t read through Kendall’s mentions)


But @mydarlingselene summed up our feelings the best with:


For those of you who are sitting there reading this going but how is this even happening? Let me fill you in. Despite all the rumors (and there were a LOT of them) flying around, Kendall is actually really good friends with all the 1D guys and has remained BFFS through the years.


So which 1D boy is Kendall producing for? Whoever it is will definitely have a huge hit on their hands and we can’t wait to hear it!

In addition to working on new Heffron Drive music, Kendall Schmidt has been wearing his songwriter/producer hat too. Most recently, Kendall has been working with Becca King (@BeccaIsMusic)

On January 18th, Becca tweeted pictures from after their songwriting session.


Becca is an extremely talented singer and I wonder if their songwriting session is related to Kendall’s tweet from back in December?


Or is Kendall still holding out for Ariana? Hmm..guess we’ll have to wait and see 😉

Who do you think has some serious pipes? Let us know in the comments!

Promoting Heffron Drive

There are many fan clubs who support Heffron Drive by promoting. Promoting can be anything; it can be giving out cards to strangers or just wearing Heffron Drive merch out in public.

Promoting isn’t always out in public, it can also be on social media. On Twitter many fan clubs have contests about promoting that are open worldwide to anyone. Some fan clubs help others out by giving them free promoting gear. Other clubs just promote for fun and help others out who struggle to promote. Posting anything related about Heffron Drive for other people to see is also promoting and counts for supporting. Social media helps so much for promoting, and the best part is that it is open for everyone to be included.

There are many examples about how you can have fun while promoting. @TolboothOST created a mission to get “Eyes On You” on the radio. This took promoting to another level, and encouraged fans to work together. The Secret Santa project was created by HDCarolinas and @COHeffronDrive and it brought many people together to spread joy while including Heffron Drive. The Heffron Drive 2015 Memories project was also created by @COHeffronDrive, and it shows how you can still promote worldwide. This recent project/contest with @HDFloridaFans and @HDCarolinas is a great way to show your support, while having fun!  At the end, promoting is having fun and showing support for Heffron Drive!

Upcoming Promo Projects

  • January 30th – Trending #ListenToHeffronDrive on twitter. More details here.
  • February 1st – Promote Heffron Drive continues the #HeffronDrive365 project with “I Heart Heffron Drive”
  • February 1st – Celebrate “love” this month with Heffron Drive Colorado‘s radio request project for That’s What Makes You Mine.


TOLBooth Street Team Fan Club of the Month


Heffron Drive Michigan is our January Fan Club of the Month!

> –Where are you from? West Michigan

> –What is your name? I run it (Shel) with a lot of help on the creative side with my best friend who doesn’t want to be named, but bless her soul, she’s fantastic at artwork.

> –Favorite Heffron Drive Song? My favorite song is a toss up between Parallel and Everything has changed.

> -Favorite Heffron Drive moment? I’ve never met them so I’d have to say when they released Happy Mistakes. I was so utterly proud of them. It makes me excited to see what Logan Henderson has up his sleeves for everyone this year.

> –Favorite ways to promote? When there isn’t ice everywhere (thanks Michigan) I like to physically talk to people. I’m not afraid to walk up to someone and strike up a conversation about these wonderful boys and their music. But Twitter helps, exceptionally.

> -Advice you’d give to other fan clubs? Advice…hmm…stick to it. It takes a while. If you honestly believe in the band, in these boys, in their work…you’ll be able to help them more than you ever thought. I’m still trying to find more MI fans so it’s not an overnight thing. Make friends with other clubs, too. Melly (HD Carolinas) was fantastic to me from the beginning. She pointed out that we ALL help each other and support each other because it’s not about us. It’s about the boys

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Thanks to: Ashley, Carlos, Cristina, Kellie, Marilyn, Melly and Shaunda

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