Mad At The World Music Video

Call MTV, I think we just found our video of the year!

If you haven’t checked out the video for “Mad at the World,” you are seriously missing out. It takes the viewer on a crazy adventure with a slightly wound up Dustin who’s on the verge of a breakdown, getting frustrated by a goofy, fun-loving, free-spirited Kendall (in very questionable wardrobe) who has made his mission to try and get Dustin to cut loose, relax, and not see life so stressfully. It’s only when Dustin is truly free that Kendall’s job is done.


“You gotta take control of the most important part of yourself. Your mind, my man.”

This video itself is like a little movie for the guys, both of them taking on acting roles and characters more than the musicians we often see. It is 9 minutes 45 seconds of entertainment, with ups and downs and surprises around every corner. It’s an epic journey that leaves you full of hope, positive vibes, a smile, and an open mind that things might just not be that bad after all.


This short film was recorded and directed by Wesley Quinn, who has worked on several of Heffron Drive’s previous music videos in some capacity. We spoke with Wes to get some behind-the-scenes details!

The video was shot over a four day long road trip that spanned over 22,000 miles from Kansas to California! Wes called the experience “pure adventure.,” going on to add, “This project was a blast! A wonderful, bonding moment for all of us that we will never forget.”


Filming the road trip was not originally intended to be a music video, but just some fun footage to share with fans. With creative minds like Kendall, Dustin, and Wes though, the idea of documenting a road trip morphed into an elaborate concept that had Wes flying out to Kansas to ride along with the boys to film it properly. The result was a short film they could all be proud of.

Check out the video here.

// Rachael, Melly


Are You Mad? – Heffron Drive Release New Single (Review)

After months of teasing fans, Heffron Drive officially shared their latest single “Mad at the World” on Friday, January 19, 2018.

The band appears to have moved away from their original electronic EDM sound, and have gotten heavy into guitars and drums, giving their music a more rock/alternative sound. This is evident just twelve seconds into the song when you hear the beat of drums take over. From there, it’s all high energy. This song is no ballad!

Dustin’s guitar solo is seamless. Each new song showcases his skills and blows us away with his brilliance, while Kendall shocked a lot of fans with a scream worthy of any Taking Back Sunday song. It’s clear they are really feeling this new sound they’re producing and we dig it.

The boys have harnessed their lyrical storytelling and kept it simple. It`s not about finding love or surviving a break-up. It’s purely what the title says: being mad at the world. We have all experienced this at one point or another, even more so with the current state of events. The lyrics tell a tale of one person’s struggle to try and deal with situations that may bring you down in day to day life. Questioning if there is something better out there, if anyone even cares, and how sometimes you just want to move away and start over.

“Mad at the World” is available through all major digital retailers and streaming services.

// Rachael, Melly

Heffron Drive Announce New Single and First Show of 2018

On Thursday January 18th, Heffron Drive will perform their first show of 2018. The concert will take place at the NITELIGHT night club on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at the door. Per the band, it will be a very intimate performance. Space is limited so get there early. Doors open at 7:30 pm.

The concert isn’t the only excitement this week! The band will be releasing their next single “Mad at the World” on Friday the 19th. Latin America fans got a sneak peek of the song while the band toured last fall.

The music video will break new ground for the band, as it is more like ten minute short film. It was filmed during a cross country road trip that spanned four days and over 22,000 miles. No official release date for the music video has been announced at this time.

Turn Up The Volume: #17

Are You There God? It’s Me, Margot

Are You There God? It’s Me Margot is a new web series from the mind Carlie Casey. In addition to being the writer and creator of the project, she also stars as the titular character. We spoke with Carlie to learn more about the show.

TUTV: From the description on Instagram, the series is about a young adult and the ups and downs of the various relationships in her life. What more can you tell us about the show? Is it a drama or comedy or a bit of both?

Carlie:  I wrote the show hoping to capture the essence and dynamics of real friendships, as well as the layers and complexities of women that you rarely see portrayed on film and TV. I find women to be infinitely more interesting than a lot of the characters that are written for them to play, so it was important to me to make the characters as real, funny, and interesting as possible. I like to reference it as a comedy with a lot of heart.

TUTV: Where did the idea for the show come from?

Carlie: I’ve been working professionally in the industry since I was a child, and I’ve been extremely fortunate to work on some incredible shows, and play some really amazing characters, but the older I’ve gotten the more I’ve really seen a lack of real and interesting roles for women, as I stated above. A lot of my closest friends are in the industry as well, and have continuously voiced similar frustrations and I really wanted to create a show and an environment for all of us to do what we love, while also having the freedom to make these characters our own. I’ve also seen a lot of great shows out right now where the lead characters are kind of the anti-hero, and although they are fun to watch, you don’t particularly like the character. I wanted to make sure all the characters in Are You There God? It’s Me Margot were flawed, but also really relatable and likable.

TUTV: A lot of Kendall Schmidt fans will recognize you from Big Time Rush and the Memories and Melodies music video. You and Kendall go way back. Can you tell me a little about y’alls relationship and how he got involved with the project? What was it like working together again?

Carlie: I’ve known Kendall since we were literal children! My family met his when we were enrolling in school in California, after his family and mine had just come out here to pursue acting. We hit it off, and ended up living in the same apartment complex as his family for many years, and we just became family. When I was writing the role of Ryan, I kept picturing Kendall because I knew he could bring the character to life exactly how I envisioned, and he did that and more. I absolutely love working with Kendall. He’s so talented, and hilarious, and is always bringing something special to each moment.

TUTV: What’s next for you?

Carlie: I am currently auditioning, and now writing season 2 of Are You There God? It’s Me Margot. I’ve been so overwhelmed with gratitude by the reaction our show has received so far. It’s been so exciting to see the support for this series, and I’m extremely excited for what the future holds. 

We have watched the show and really enjoyed it. It’s unique, relatable, and fun. We think you’ll love it! You can watch the whole series here. And be sure to follow their official instagram for updates. You can also check out Carlie and Kendall’s sweet and hilarious friendship on Koffee With Kendall Episode 9.


The One Way Ticket Tour starts Saturday! Check out the dates below and get your tickets at

11/4 – São Paolo, BR – Carioca Club
11/5 – Buenos Aires, AR – Niceto Club
11/8 – Mexico City, MX – Telehit Festival
11/10 – Monterrey, MX – Cafe Iguana
11/11 – Mexico City, MX – Plaza Condesa
11/12 – Guadalajara, MX – C3 Stage

The Freedom to Collaborate

It is known that Kendall Schmidt is a man of many talents. In Heffron Drive, he and Dustin Belt write, record, and produce their own music. Kendall will often use these skills to collaborate with other artists as well.

Eric Dash is a name that should be familiar to many HD fans. During Heffron Drive’s first American tour in 2013, Eric was the supporting act. The guys have remained friends since that time and have teamed up once again for Eric’s latest single, “Freedom”.

On working with Kendall as vocal producer, Eric told TUTV: “Kendall has a great ear that I trust so I thought it’d be a good idea if he produced my vocal from a performance standpoint – he pushed me for my best self and I think the record shows that.”


The intro is just a few simple cords that get you interested in the message he’s delivering. Eric’s voice isn’t over powered with heavy instruments or complicated loops and beats. It’s a refreshing change of pace that makes you stop, listen, and think. The more you give into it, the more hooked on the song you become. You can tell he’s put thought into every line he’s written and sings.  Structurally strung together, it all fits into a laid-back story with a catchy melody and a soft heartfelt message of hope, love, and belief in never giving up.

You can pick up “Freedom” on iTunes here or stream the song here on Spotify.

Watch the video here!

3 Years of Happy Mistakes

“Three minute of music. Years of memories”- unknown

We weren’t sure what to expect. We`d already been teased with the single “Parallel,” but back on September 9th, 2014, Heffron Drive delivered their debut album Happy Mistakes. What followed the release of the 12 track album (15 if you got the deluxe CD) was Kendall and Dustin embarking on their second US tour, media/PR opportunities, and meeting new friends, some which they still work with today. It was very clear that Heffron Drive was going places.

Each lyric might mean something different to someone and each song might tell a different story, but one thing remains the same: it has brought fans together from all around the world and has made a lot of fun memories for everyone along the way.

So, thank you Kendall and Dustin for letting us fans join in on your crazy ride. I think it`s safe to say you`ve changed all our lives in some way and with new music on the way, we’re just getting started. As Dustin said, “This is only the beginning friends.”

Three Men and a Truck

In a truck inherited from his grandfather, Dustin Belt took a cross-county adventure with Kendall Schmidt and their longtime friend and director Wesley Quinn.


via instagram stories

Over the course of four days, the boys drove 22,000 miles, filming along the way for the next Heffron Drive music video. They shared parts of the trip on their Instagram accounts, blasting out Heffron Drive music, capturing the amazing scenery of places such as Utah, Zion National Park, and Colorado, as well as a little carpool karaoke to Prince.

On the Koffee With Kendall episode on October 16th, Kendall described the music video. “It’s not a typical music video. It’s very conceptual, really interesting and different. And Dustin has a great part in it. He looks great and unbelievable. […] Something that will make fans very happy.” On twitter, Kendall added that “[…] We are pushing the boundaries of a music video,” also replying to a fan that “[Dustin] should get an Oscar for his performance.”

More news was dropped on the October 23rd episode of Koffee With Kendall, where the name of the next single was announced: “Mad At The World”. There’s no official release date as of yet, but Kendall has been getting fans hyped up by encouraging them to tweet with the hashtag #MadAtTheWorld, airing their frustrations.

Be sure to subscribe to Heffron Drive’s youtube channel so you don’t miss the new video for “Mad At The World!”

We Are One For Mexico

Multiple earthquakes struck Mexico during September, one being the most powerful to hit the area in a century. It was a horrific tragedy that will cost millions of dollars to repair. To help with the relief, the charity We Are One For Mexico was started.

On October 1st, We Are One For Mexico held a benefit concert in Ontario, California to help raise money for the charity.


Kendall Schmidt was among the many performers that day. He played three covers. “Star Man” by David Bowie, “Imagine” by John Lennon, and “Turn Your Lights Down Low” by Bob Marley.

During his set, Kendall explained that he was involved with the charity because Mexico felt like a second home because the fans and people of Mexico were so nice and welcoming.

We Are One For Mexico is still collecting donations to help the people of Mexico. If you would like to contribute to the charity, you can donate here.


Koffee With Kendall

With a few breaks due to travel or events, Kendall continued his live talk show Koffee With Kendall on Mondays at 9 am PST.

Episode 8 – With special guest YOU!!

Episode 9 – Guest Carlie Casey

Special Episode – #NationalCoffeeDay

Episode 10 (1) (2) – Guesst Thomas Augusto

Episode 11 – Guest Jordin Sparks

Episode 12 – Guest Jay De La Cueva

With Halloween only a few days away, we asked Kendall and Dustin some spooky themed questions!

What was your favorite childhood costume?

Dustin: Doc from Back To The Future
Kendall: One year I was an evil doctor, and another year I was a “frozen” zombie. It had ice and I was all blue..super cool! Get it? 😉

What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

Dustin: Caramel Apple Pops
Kendall: This is a hard question, but I always loved sour and sweet candy. I didn’t [like] getting tons of chocolate. And personally, I can’t stand candy corn.

Since Kendall brought it up, what do you think of candy corn, Dustin?

Dustin: No bueno

What’s your favorite scary movie?

Dustin: The Shining
Kendall: I love “28 Days Later”! It’s a classic in my book!



Thanks to: Bianca, Carlie, Carlos, Dustin, Eric, Kendall, Laura, Melly, Paloma, and Rachael

Turn Up The Volume: #16

One Way Ticket

After the release of the amazing Slow Moion EP earlier this year, Heffron Drive fans have been patiently waiting for more new music. Prayers were answered on August 4th with the new single and music video “One Way Ticket.”

Once again, Kendall and Dustin has switched up their sound, going with a nostalgic vibe of Fleetwood Mac and Third Eye Blind. Kendall even pulled out some moves from Taking Back Sunday’s front man Adam Lazzara in the music video.

The “One Way Ticket” music video was shot, directed, and edited by Wesley Quinn, who is no stranger to the HD family. He has worked on many of their previous music videos in many different capacities and he told TUTV exclusively that “we are now working on several others coming up.”

We asked Wes how the concept of this video came about. He said, “The concept was initially more complex, […] we decided to make the white background theme the whole video and put a lot of work into the edit.” A lot of the video was improvised. “Our initial planned changed so we ran with it and it turned out awesome.”

This is definitely not the last we will hear from Heffron Drive this year. Kendall told Digital Journal “Dustin and I are working on new music. We are trying to put out a full-length album before the end of October, but if we can’t, we will put out an EP at the very least, and we will release at least a couple of more singles.”

Pick up the single here and don’t miss the rad music video.

Check out this playlist of songs that inspire Kendall and Dustin.

 Latin America

On April 20th 2017 Kendall joined Sofia Reyes on stage for her song “Conmigo – Rest Of Your Life” and they also did a cover of the Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik song “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the Teatro Grand Arena as part of her Louder tour.

“It gives me great happiness to be able to sing again with Kendall in Argentina.” Sofia said in an interview with TKM promoting the show.

While Kendall was there, he also took time to meet with fans which he said “was unbelievable that had been waiting at the hotel for him and felt honored” and some interviews including  Coke for you Argentina and Billboard Argentina.  He told Cameila Hadad that the South American fans are “very passionate. Everyone’s so excited always having a good time.”

Kendall will be heading to Argentina again later this year with Dustin as part of a Latin American tour.

Check out the tour dates below:

Sao Paulo, Brazil – Nov 4
Buenos Aires, Argentina – Nov 5
Monterrey, Mexico – Nov 10
Mexico City, Mexico – Nov 11
Guadalajara, Mexico – Nov 12

Visit for tickets

Koffee With Kendall


After a hiatus, Koffe Time With Kendall has returned with a new format and a new name. Now called Koffee With Kendall, Kendall broadcasts live on Mondays at 9 AM PST from his home. Each episode usually features a special guest, an interesting news article, and a special segment for feeding Yuma.

Catch up on the episodes you may have missed below.

Episode 1

Episode 2 – Guest Dustin Belt

Episode 3 – Guest Tanner Braungardt

Episode 4 – Guest Mario Bautista

Episode 5 – Special Acoustic Performance of “One Way Ticket”

Episode 6 – Guests Jake Miller and Science Youtuber Nick Uhas

Episode 7 – Guest Sofia Reyes

New Merch

New hoodies and tshirts available for “One Way Ticket”

Pre-Order here.

Are You There God? It’s Me, Margot

A new web series hit the net this weekend called “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margot.” which features Kendall Schmidt as the lead character’s boyfriend. The full series is available to watch now! Next month we will have an interview with the creator and star of this series, Carlie Casey. Be sure you subscribe so you don’t miss it!

Coming Up!

Love this photo shoot as much as we do? Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss our next issue! We will have an interview with photographer Gabriel Olson.

Thanks to: Melly, Racheal, Wesley


Due to some personal issues, Turn Up The Volume will be on an indefinite hiatus. Thanks for all your support over the past year and a half. We hope to return soon. Thanks for understanding. 

– Turn Up The Volume staff

Turn Up The Volume: #15

Fingers Crossed

“Fingers Crossed” from Heffron Drive’s Slow Motion EP was a huge hit with fans, and is arguably the most popular song of the release. We were very excited to learn more about it by speaking with Bryce Soderberg who co-wrote the song.

Bryce is probably best known as the bass player for the band Lifehouse, but he is also a songwriter and the front man of indie band Komox.

TUTV: We saw Heffron Drive on your livestream “Soft Rocking Your Stockings Off” back in December. Were you friends/acquaintances before this event? How did y’all meet?

Bryce: Kendall and I had become friends through the LA songwriting circuit. We wrote “Love Defined” as a bonus track on their first record Happy Mistakes.  I asked them to perform and they were very gracious and generous. We had a blast and raised some money.

TUTV: How did the collaboration for “Fingers Crossed” come about? Were you more involved with the music or lyrics portion, or was it a bit of both? How was the process compared to writing for your other bands Lifehouse and Komox?

Bryce: Kendall and Dustin had a bed track already written I came in to help with the melody and lyrics as well as bass parts.  It was a smooth quick fun session. I like collaborating as it is kind of like a Ouija board. If you trust the energy and vibes of the other writers you can come up with some magic. Songwriting processes are different every time.

TUTV: How would you describe Fingers Crossed?

Bryce: It’s a fun pop tune about keeping the end of a relationship afloat through challenge of not wanting to let the other person go. I like the human nature aspect of it.  I like the bass part as well it has kind of a talking heads vibe.

TUTV: Would you consider collaborating again in the future? Maybe on song for your band(s) or going on tour together?

Bryce: Absolutely! It would be fun to write or tour with them anytime. They are good dudes, kind, funny and easy to work with.

Kendall agrees! He had this to say about Bryce: “Bryce is an amazing bassist, song-writer, and overall Badass! We are so happy to have written “Fingers Crossed” with him and are looking to writing more with Bryce on our next full length album.”

TUTV: What’s next for you?

Bryce: Komox is in the studio working on our debut album. We have launched a PledgeMusic campaign. Lifehouse has some big things coming up this summer but it’s still a secret 🙂

Thank you to Bryce and Kendall for speaking with us! We are excited to see their future collaborations.

2017 Kids’ Choice Awards

Kendall Schmidt and the Kids’ Choice awards go way back. It wasn’t too long ago that Big Time Rush were winning their own orange rockets. This year, Kendall wasn’t nominated but still wanted to make the night special, so he brought along a high-five confetti cannon!

Kendall took video of each high-fave and shared them on his instagram story. If you missed them, you can check out videos of those spectacular high-faves here and here thanks to Big Time Snaps on twitter.

3 Years of Parallel

March 25th marked the 3 year anniversary of Heffron Drive’s first single, “Parallel.” The song was first performed at the South by South West Festival in Texas and premiered on the radio during the Zach Sang Show on March 17th. We asked fans about their reactions to hearing the song for the first time.

“I knew it’d be the start of something big,” Rachael said.

Domenique felt the same way. “It was the start of a great new chapter for Dustin and Kendall.”

Jayla, who listened to the song on the phone with a friend, said, “I remember being so happy for him.”

Other fans were a bit emotional. “I was a crying mess. I remember being so proud and also moved by the lyrics,” Melly recalled.

What was your first reaction to hearing Parallel? Let us know in the comments.

Buy Parallel on iTunes

Parallel Official Lyric Video

Squad Wars

Ladies and Gentlemen, Turn Up the Volume is pleased to announce the newest WWE tag team: *awesome rock entrance music and smoke effects* Casanova and Hilton Ron!

Well not really. These are the alter egos of Heffron Drive members, Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt when they stepped in the squared circle (professional name for a wrestling ring) in LA for BuzzFeed’s original Youtube show, “Squad Wars”.

Teaming up with the “Try Guys,” Kendall and Dustin joined team Big Time Squad against Husband and Wife Youtube prank show DK4L.

“No matter what the challenge, we’re ready, and we’re going to win. Big time Squad. We go big, obviously. It’s in the name ” -Kendall

They got off to a great start with Dustin’s clever line “Is this the postal service, because she just delivered the fe-mail” in the mini challenge for commentary that won them first pick in the costume department.

They learnt the ropes- literally! Whether it was just how to fall or technical moves, the coaches made sure they knew how to pull it off so were safe and well executed. But it still hurt.

And so the showdown was set!

There was clotheslines, creeps, and comedy. But don’t worry, they weren’t alone. They had help along the way with a few professional wrestling stars. Working as the team we know and love, Casanova got the pin over wrestler “Slicked Back Heart Attack”.

WWE Hall of Fame star Rikishi was the guest judge and everyone agreed that Kendall’s suplex was the best out of both teams. And Dustin put his body on the line with getting flipped on his back.

Their team got the vote for being the best characters, but sadly they lost the winning vote and didn’t take home any belts or trophies. They sure gave us a good laugh and great entertainment though, and that’s what the E in WWE stands for after all. Maybe the guys have a future in WWE… then again, maybe not!

Although Dustin’s twitter bio did say former WWE Champion at one point…

Squad Wars is available for viewing on Youtube Red.

Wake Up and Smell the Koffee

Have you been keeping up with #KoffeeTimeWithKendall?  After taking a small break while on tour, Kendall was live on Instagram and Facebook at 8 am PST every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning.  Don’t worry if you missed out on seeing it – you can watched the videos on Kendall’s Facebook page.

There was a lot covered in in #KoffeeTimeWithKendall in the last few weeks.  First, there is always music.  Lots of cool artists to check out if you aren’t familiar with them, and some of his personal favorites.  If you’re curious to hear more and don’t have time to go back and watch all of the videos (although you really should), you can check out The Drive playlist on Spotify.

There are also lots of things in the works right now.  He is setting up an Etsy store to sell his photography.  The vinyl is in the process of being made for the Slow Motion EP, and the next album may also be available on vinyl. There is new merch in the works and he will be doing Twitter polls on shirt designs, so be on the lookout for that! He and Dustin have been back in the studio working on new music. There is so much to look forward to in the future!

There are two very important things that you need to know:

  • If you have questions that you would like Kendall to answer during #KoffeeTimeWithKendall, you can now email them ahead of time. The email account he set up is really easy to remember – Couldn’t be simpler.  It’s really hard for him to keep up watching two screens full of comments and questions, plus there is a lag between when they are asked and when he sees them at his end.  Get those questions in!  Even if you can’t watch live, you can always watch the videos on Facebook and see if your question was answered.
  • There is going to be a two week hiatus for #KoffeeTimeWithKendall starting the week of March 27th. Kendall has some plans in the works.  He’s hoping to get some guests organized and new segments planned.  Who knows what else he may come up with?  One thing that is certain, the time will be staying in the morning.

Lastly, for those of you that are Big Time Rush fans?  You definitely want to go back and watch the video from March 24th.  Not only is he answering questions that have been submitted to the email account, but he also plays an unreleased Big Time Rush song! You don’t want to miss that.

Keep watching Twitter and Instagram to keep up with Kendall during the KoffeeTime hiatus, and be sure to check back in April when it starts again. I know I’m excited to see what new things he comes up with for all of us.

Habpee Company Update

Hapbee Company is heading to a video playing device near you! Kevin, Kendall, and the PenaVega’s have been leaking content on social media sharing the process of filming commercials for the Hapbee Face Kit, which will be available on Amazon soon. These ads are going to be epic! Zombies, a Top Gun cross over, nightmarish mimes, drones, and who knows what other kind of shenanigans. You can catch up on all the behind the scenes fun in Carlos’ vlog, “Big Time Zombies

Thanks to: Bryce, Domenique, Jayla, Kendall, Melly, Rachael, Tammy, Tatiana, and Olga.